fanoe 2001 kitemeeting cruise
very first pics...


the cleaning woman vs. living trash


cookings on the beach


...and in the sky



kisa's harpyie #2.

harpyie 2
detail of paintings


delta by fredi.



fredykite meets tomkite.




new destination for old nazi bunkers



typical group action in the afternoon




fredy, ramlal, tomtom.



bird by ramlal.

lifting a bird


delta by anke



"V-Lite" by tom

3 days low-wind and no-wind on fanoe island!


6 sunsets 6 new days and 6 million mosquitos...

the breeding of the bread



faces by kisa.

typical group action at sunset




aerosol kite by uwe.



voodoo trash by ulla.


fanoe 2001 cruise - again a typical 3pF project...

all other material to be released later...
( video project - night project - new kites - new aperitif design )

all photos copyright © tom / proppress 2001



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