kitefestival thailand 2002

thailand kitefestival chula pakpao drachen kite

heading to the "kitec underwater-kite workshop" in the gulf of thailand we stopped
in bangkok for some aerial warmup with the thai kitefliers.
unfortunately we had no time to meet the thailand kitefestival at hua hin, the
"royal paradise beach" - but very fortunately we could meet the national
kite and fighterkite challenge on the sanam luang place in bangkok.
the national kite challenge was held from march 08 until march 20 in front
of the royal palace.


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march 07, 2002


kites on sanam luang bangkok
bangkok kiters with "pakpao" and "chula" kites

lucky surprised : arriving at the sanam-luang place, we found that a large
kitefestival was going to start with the next day!

on march 07 there were already hundreds of kitefliers
for testing, training and warmup.
and, so did we.

kite workshop bangkok cultural exchange
a quick arranged international kitefly workshop with schoolboys and teachers.


kiteshop thai kitemaker meets screenies travelkites
screenies meet bird-kites at a thai kite-booth.
red bird , top right, is now property of and
flown by ramal /zoone ;-)


chula kite details

details of the chula kites

drachen kite chok-wau khleng cerf-volants vliegers ucurtma





chula thai kite



fighterkite team demonstration education kiting culture sport
thai kiteflier demonstrates handling the lines of chula


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Thai Kite


The Thai Traditional Kites Festival 2002
Organiser : Thai Sport Association
The competition will be at Sanam Luang till March 21
and then move to Huahin for final compete.
more info Thailand Kitefliers Association
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