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un ciel un monde 

un cielo un mundo

un cielo un mondo 

um céu um mundo

ranginui papatuanuku 
jeden niebo jeden s'wiat 

isa sa langit ang isang mundo 

  één hemel één wereld

 ein himmel eine welt

 one sky one world
 satu langit satu dunia
 einn himinn einn heiminum
 angani mmoja mmoja dunia
 Egy ég egy Világ




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ONE SKY is connected with the world-kite-cultural database "planet.kite.matrix."


unesco int'l decade for a culture of peace 2001-2010 :

"OneSky organization* is now part of the Culture of Peace Website
developed by UNESCO"

"According to the United Nations Declaration and Programme of action on a
culture of peace ( resolution A/RES/53/43 pdf)
your initiative is contributing to the culture of peace
and your organization is an actor of
the global movement for a culture of peace.
This movement was initiated by the UN at the occasion of
the International Year for the Culture of Peace (2000)
and is now developing in the framework of the International Decade
for a Culture of Peace and Non-violence
for the Children of the World (2001-2010)."

*OSOWww to be an open board worldwide


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