berck-sur-mer | france | kite festival 2004 a few first photos taken at berck kitefest
during the second weekend april 23-25. the webpage was
made on the nightride through belgium
heading back to the home of drachensyndikat ..
live webLog

project flugrost
and the northsea channel


< clicking the pictures
will bring you to a large view !

see also:
the flugrost photo gallery.


tent & windgarden village
by jpX carine emma tom.g &..
kitepainting by kisa.

new painted kite by .fredee
flugrost works

agnieszka [paris] : camera obscura
(exposure 8 seconds) >

flugrost meets
ullas installation >

by kisa &
shuttle nightride.

lalo's view, from argentina
..and from indonesia.



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