Cervia Sky 2000

All photos by tôm (© standphoto)

a 'sentinel' thrown into its elements.
collectif zoone

what a sky!
sky: cervia. ||| kite: reza /txm-

Two 'Raymondes" over Cervia
[collectif zoone]





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the "harpyie" backside

talking sky.
propaganda pole, sky and blue painted delta [kisa.]

Raymond was my favorite playmate.. [kite by zoone]


April'99: Just returned from the festival. got first slides back from development.
then working half day on scsi system. harddisk down.
26 april! - but lucky - not C.I.H. virus. it was a broken plug at the adaptec.
now, saturday, no chance to get a new one. no scanner works.
so i made digi-pics from slide projections.
by that the pics are not very brilliant, not very sharp. but they're alive!

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