Cervia Sky 2001
All photos by tôm (© standphoto)



three samples from AIRmania-worldkite-project
over george's fun&etno-banners


the meeting of watchers? - and the sentinels.
george and zooone.
close in function - strange in shape.


kroatia meetz france

oops - more fresh winds. this is crazy chrowatska!
fresh etno attack from the 'yello cat'z'


"AIRmania" and "OpenProjects" -
"Sand-Life" Gallery / Open Sky World Kite Tour /



subvision under cervia skies


heading back: serious fun in gottardo tunnel
( u s e - m o u s e - f o r - m o r e - f u n )

And.. this year again.. a vertical album... have fun ..




round kite project: kisa's sides of 2 moons ..


Fresh winds from Lithuania. [gintautas]


George's Krokko greetings from down-under,
airmaniacs 'vertical' and
buddy-stic banner for peace (viet-nam)


northamerica meetz france


germania meetz italia
thank you caterina volante
for all friendly organisation

V E R T I C A L : Light One



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All photos by tôm (© standphoto)


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