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un ciel un monde himmel ohne grenzen
um céu um mundo één hemel één wereld
one sky one world   un cielo un mondo
ranginui rapatuanuku un cielo un mundo  



timezone +12   - newzealand - tonga - fiji - tuvalu - marshall - SSR-kamchatka

MAORI AOTEAROA kites + culture - maori kite web (planet.kite) - -He Manu o Aotearoa - looking forward to participating in ONE SKY day! We will fly from a Northland Beach called MATAURI BAY here in New Zealand :-)

first photo of "osow sunday 2006" >
- pics from maori kitefly to follow soon...
- -

timezone +11   - Norfolk Island - Solomon Islands -
timezone +10   - Guam - East-Australia - Tasmania - Papua NewGuinea - SSR-Vladivostok

- Sorry - Good intentions. Stinking weather. No flying. - (William Farber)

< - heart of darkness -
Hi - I was is the states on the date, but was flying this kite at Niagara Falls then, But not in Tasmania, Lets call it flying by proxy
Robert Brasington - flying in
usa -

timezone +9   - Australia - East-Indonesia - Japan - Korea - SSR-Jakutsk



- OCTOBER /8 /2006



October 8 of Japan Hokkaido is rain. >
It is One Sky One World in a car.
Takeyoshi Matsuda of Team NIJI .
Sapporo Hokkaido - -


< AJSKA Hokkaido sends a picture for OSOW 2006 " QUAD MEETING in ISHIKARI 2006"
Hokkaido - One Sky One World!
Satoru Kitamura - -

Hello! I'm Yumiko Miyagawa in Kyoto, Japan.
Lake BIWAKO, in SIGA Prefecture.
I pray peace (^-^) - YUMA - webpage - >

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OSOW contact > see web koreakite -
+ osow korea mirror page -
timezone +8   China Peking Mongolia Brunei Indonesia Philippines Singapore West-Australia
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-Oh yes! I am for world peace. I also support 1 sky/osow, unfortunately, I was out of town for the past several weeks and just arrived yesterday. I'll make up for it, don't worry.
Best regards, Orlando / Kite Assn. of the Philippines (KAP)
SINGAPORE Youngest Kite flyer from singapore to join OSOW kite fly.
Rgds, wing lee - -

Yes, We joined OSOW festival -
Look , our t-shirt !
bell chiu
- web guestbook - - web gallery - - -

timezone +7   SSR West-Indonesia West-Malaysia Cambodia Vietnam Hanoi Thailand Lao
Every year Cambodian kitefliers are very happy to join OSOW.
This year we fly Khleng Ek in front of National Museum
and Royal Palace in Phnom Penh.
We fly for sustainable development allover the planet.
Best wind! Sim Sarak and Cheang Yarin - -
- Cheers... OSOW..
" We held our OSOW for the first time at Kuala Lumpur Kite Flying Park.
We could spend a nice blue skies & peaceful day under the hot sun without
Haze". We have VIP guess from Malaysia Kite Council and Kuala Lumpur Sport
kite team flying for Peace & Friendly. Cheers from Windancer Malaysia. - -


< the king with a kite.

- TKA osow page -


< ONE WORLD ONE SKY - Pattani Kite Flying Club
Pattani southern thailand
- Sunday 8 October 2006, Chamras Denudom -

TKA members, Petburi province >

Good Winds! Smajcha Niyomsilpa
Thailand Kitefliers Association TKA - Bangkok

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timezone +6   - Cocos Island - Bangladesh - Myanmar - Nepal - Kazakhstan - Usbekistan
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timezone +5   - Turkmenistan Usbekistan Maledives - India - Pakistan - Sri Lanka

- Jodhpur - we celebrated OSOW in a public garden with handicapped children to give them some happiness. it was a very good program. meet you soon somewhere in the world.
asghar belim, Sun City Kite Club (est.1875 !) - -

- - Here is a shot taken in Varanasi yesterday, trying to escape from the purchasing manjah, so excited to see such a big patang above their river!! I flew my big Rokkaku, 12 square meters...
Hope you the best, Nico Chorier (france)


- -

- It is alredy cold here but we are with whole world and with you all.
Best wishes, Visit my web site - Alexander
Ekaterinburg Ural - - >
Shall fly a kite and send you photos - Thanks Nimal.
timezone +4   Azerbijan SSR-Volgograd Afghanistan-Kabul UAE Oman Seychelles Mauritius

- -

timezone +3   - SSR-Moscow Kuwait Saudi-Arabia Iran Irak-Baghdad Ethiopia Kenya Madagascar

- - Managed to fly my Salida Sled at the rim of the Ngorongoro crater, just at sunset.
Will send you the picture once I am back in Sweden (in November),
Keep it UP!
Andreas Agren

- ngorongo wiki -

timezone +2   Finland Ukraine Lithuania Greece Turkey Egypt Zimbabwe Namibia South-Africa Pretoria

- Tallinn - Sergei Popkov Olga Shmukerova Juri Oganjan - - -


This is the fourth year of OSOW in Israel - Arabs and Jews flying kites together.
Best winds, Hanan
Shalom, Here are pictures from yesterday. - -


LEBANON - ...den ganzen tag gearbeitet, und es gab also keinen drachen in meinem himmel. sorry.
bis demnaechst. samar

ROMANIA We've spent OSOW day flying our kites at Deva, Siebenbuergen. Those taking part: about 30 students of St. Francis Foundation k12 school & the Téglás Gábor k12 state run school, my wife & I, and many more. I prepared +50 sled kites for the kids... We enjoyed and celebrated the OSOW day according to the spirit of the Denver Proclamation: 'community enjoyment, understanding and friendship between people, environmental awareness and promoting world peace.' - album.1 2006 OSOW album.2 - -
The first 2 pix show the local Hungarian language monthly anouncing the OSOW event.
Steady winds, Zsolt from (the peaceful) budapest, Hungary
Hi There, Brian Skinner ,myself, Ashley Ware_Lane and Mari Ware-Lane had a fly today to celebrate OSOW, we did our best on a cold and wet day in Cape Town , South Africa. Peace to the World and long may this day be celebrated. Yours in Kiting. Ashley, Mari and Briski - - >


Here are the Marti Kite Club OSOW photos.
Istanbul - photos hikaya - - photos altan - - photos sergi -- photos halit -

Ankara - photos --

Kutahya - photos -

Marti Kite Club forum pages: OSOW - -

our photoreport from Ukraine, Kherson
Best regards tarasenko family
- -

Ukraine with you! Sergey and Tatjana Dulenko from Dnipropetrovs'k - We now work with children in the orphanage house. Children constructed classical Russian kites and painted them. - kite flying in stadium. - coast of Dnipro -
invited the friends from the Donetsk Sikorski fly centre , children from a family children's house Kulakovsky. In the sky was of the longest kites-trains - 75 section (national record) - -
timezone +1   Sweden Norway France Germany Netherlands Austria Spain Italy Poland Morocco Libia Cameroun Angola

- -


porree for peace!!!!
grüße koli & steffi
- OSOW Hof - -

- Unsere Bilder von Osow Österreich sind online -
- Und auch Luftbilder gibts davon...
Liebe Grüße Gerhard & Daniela - OSOW Hof - -

BELGIUM   -No photo of kite in flight on oct 8. I flew a kite in the fields near my home
... but without public. Jacques
- -

"Vi flyver ogsa dragerne i Aarhus. " - Schmidts-Pit

ESPANA - OSOW celebration in Vitoria, Spain.
About 10.000 people in the festival.
You can see more photos on our web site
- Lau Hizetara. - -

Bonjour, Je vous envoi quelque images de la douzième édition de CERVOLIX qui a eu lieu sur le
plateau de Gergovie en France dans le cadre des one sky one world.
cervolix : French festival for ONE SKY ONE WORLD day
Salutations sincères, Bruno.
- -



< " one sky one world solidair "
artwork oct.8 by: Opus Centrum / Conseil International de la Musique (CIM)
UNESCO, Paris France

- - Nicoclas Chorier > Osow fly in in > india !


- one.Sky web-crew - fly-in-out near dusseldorf-roermond (river rhine)
- bei willich / niederrhein - -


one.Sky web-crew + drachensyndikat >

< fredy fliegt seinen " maori windgod kite " bei hattingen / ruhr
- best greetings to MATAURI BAY !! - -

- - Hi, here are our first pictures of our one sky- one world event in Erdmannshain near Leipzig in Germany. Thanks for publishing. >
Moin. Auf unserer Homepage ist die Galerie von "One sky - one world" in Eckernförde. -
On our webpage is the gallery from "One sky - one world" in Eckernfoerde - Det er billeder fra "One sky - one world" i Eckernförde på vores
hjemmeside. -- Schmidts-Pit - stieg op homepage - -

- wuppertal OSOW scharpenacken - -


- thema OSOW im -

- berlin drachenfest britzer garten - -


.. please note that, although we live in Hungary, our OSOW activity will take place in Romania.
Regards, Zsolt Kövessi

Welcome from Hungary!!!
The wind was good, rhe sky was blue...we were very happy.
Oh ya:) Good wind to everybody...and don't forget your kite in home. Jó szelet!
3S - Sárkányereszto Baráti Társaság - Kiters from Hungary - OSOW web gallery -
- -


- our third edition of osow in botticino near brescia
- laboratori costruzione aquiloni e volo libero - installazioni eoliche -
gruppo aquilonsti bresciani with settimo cielo aquilonisti



-The sixth One Sky One World event of "30 Kite Club Genova" took place in Savona with in a sunny and windy day. A lot of people have shared the osow message with us and our kites all day long.
Best wishes to all. - Giancarlo Gisotti "30 Kite Club Genova" - -
- -

This is our fourth year OSOW here in Amsterdam Holland.
Regards Chris Leather.

- - for osow , yvonne oerlemans amsterdam >

Dear Kite Friends, OSOW 2006 children and teachers from Palace of Youth flying at Warsaw. Also in other places in Poland that day the kites will fly in the sky with regards to everybody respecting peace.
Best regards Andrzej Muzaj - -
Andreas Agren was flying in > Tanzania
timezone 0   Iceland England London Ireland Portugal Mauritania Mali Ghana

just preparing OSOW kites to give to children at OSOW at Ashton Court in Bristol next Sunday. This is the venue for Avon Kite Flyers celebration of OSOW. All the best, Nick James
< - - greetings from OSOW in Bristol.
Good weather and Good kites. Nick.

- - Hi - White Horse Kite Flyers met at Barbury Castle on a glorious sunny day with an increasing wind 21 flyers registered flying 60 kites. Many other members of the public were there some flying kites even if they didn't register all enjoyed a great spectacle.
Regards Arthur Dibble - White Horse Kite Flyes -

PORTUGAL < - - This year we organized the OSOW day in Portugal on a Beach called Nazaré. My friend João Barradas is going to send an email to you to tell the history and show some of the fotos of this wonderfuld day that was the OSOW.2006 Portugal. Meanwhile - a group foto attached - attached.
Thank for showing me this beatiful MOVEMENT
... See you nest year. Claudio Fonseca -- web: forum -
timezone -1   Azores Cape-Verde-Islands
timezone -2   - Middle-Atlantic -
timezone -3   East-Brazil Brasilia Argentina Buenos-Aires Surinam Greenland



"We are getting ready with Batoco and El Fabuloso Team.
There will be almost a kite festival, with music included." LaLo.
Buenos Aires.

Damas y Caballeros, Atención, próximo domingo se celebra One Sky One World – Un Cielo Un Mundo. El propósito de esta celebración es "...promover el concepto de armonía global y el entendimiento entre todas las personas del mundo mediante la expresión de universalidad de los barriletes y el viento". Alentamos a todos los integrantes del foro a participar de esta celebración volando barriletes durante el día domingo 8 de Octubre bajo el lema de paz + tolerancia + cultura + entendimiento. También, para quienes tengan previsto realizar algún taller en estos días, es una magnífica oportunidad para difundir los valores de OSOW y explicar el porqué de esta celebración. En OSOW-batoco web encontrarán más información que seguramente les será de utilidad. Por favor, quienes vuelen barriletes ese día, sería estupendo si nos envían imágenes de su lugar, de su gente, del paisaje que los rodea y así mostrarlos a todo el mundo: Cafayate, Tafí, Corrientes, Bariloche, Mar del Plata, Rosario, San Julián, Córdoba, Aristóbulo del Valle, Mendoza, … Favor, enviar las fotos a email. Un abrazo, y nos encontramos volando “Todos bajo un mismo cielo”

Gustavo from Argentina: the cities with Osow events:
Rosario - Images -
“ A pesar del poco viento, tuvimos la oportunidad de reunirnos y celebrar este día volando nuestros Roks” Claudio.
Mar del Plata - Images -
“Pese al fuerte viento que tuvimos hoy en "la feliz", 35/40 Km/h con
rachas de más de 50 km/h, pudimos reunirnos en el parque y hasta volar, no libre de accidentes, líneas cortadas, etc.” Roberto.
Buenos Aires - Images -
“Un día formidable, a pleno sol, viento perfecto, y una atmósfera de distensión, alegría y muchos muchos barriletes!” Gustavo.
Thanks a lot for your kindness! - - -





- OSOW Brasilia 2006 - - Areventos papagaios clube de Portugal -

- here are our photos from " I OSOW BRASÍLIA 2006" .
This first OSOW in our City it was very good and fantastic, many children and parents spent along all Day. Viva!!! OSOW 2007.
Best regards Mário De Carvalho..AREVENTOS / BRASIL - -

The team "vento de pipa", to pay tribute to the Brazilian Mr. Alberto Santos Dumont >
for having made the first flight with an airplane in France on october 23, 1906. - Antonio Augusto from Brazil

timezone -4   Canada Quebec Montreal Venezuela Bolivia Chile Guyana West-Brasil AST Atlantic Standard
CANADA East We held a magnificient OSOW in Varennes, Quebec,
Michel Gagnon - unciel web -
- -
timezone -5   Canada Toronto East-USA NewYork Cuba Bahamas Colombia Peru Easter-Island EST Eastern Standard

I am sending 4 pictures of Colombia OSOW 2006.
"We celebrated Colombia OSOW -2006 flyng single line kite and some of KAP
Kite aerial photography"
"Un saludo de los cometeros Bogotanos Club Kogui al mundo entero en este dia
tan especial"
Regards, Jorge Beltran - Bogota - -

- "perfect I will be part of it this year! good luck good friends!"
alejandro, bimana medellin -


I'm trying to get in touch with my Cubans friends of Casiopeia Team since two weeks ago and no reply from the different email addresses I have from them.
I'm afraid that Internet could be having problems because of Fidel Castro illness.
There's a Batoco's member travelling to Cuba next January and we need to arrange to send them spars and ripstop and we don't have any news from them!! Best regards LAlo (argentina)


- South Portland Maine, USA, warm sunny weather made for a great turnout
for our annual One Sky, One World celebration.
Tony H - - Nor'easters kitefliers. --

Here are two photos for One Sky One World. They come from our International Kite Festival at Niagara Falls. The kite fly covered both NY and Canada at the same time! Flyers attended from around the world.
Here are two articles about the event: - buffalonews - -
Cheers! Glenn Davison --


From the Quechee Gorge in Vermont, USA and little love and happiness. It is a holiday weekend when people come out to see the autumn colours in New England.
Wishing all peace and happiness. Steve and Rocky Engel -- >

< I've never made or flown kites before so here you see the work of a real novice! But this small kite did seem to want to fly. All it needed was a little breeze and a good handler. We had almost no breeze and...well the pictures tell the story!
Newton, Massachusetts - Elly + david Rubin

timezone -6   Canada Saskatchewan USA Chicago Dallas Mexico Mexico-City Galapagos CST Central Standard

- Guatemala invita a presenciar y participar en los Festivales de Barriletes Gigantes de de Guatemala, a desarrollarse el 1 y 2 de noviembre en los municipios de Santiago y Sumpango Sacatepéquez .
Rafael Coyote Tum y Marco Antonio Coyote Olcot

* november 1 is the traditional day for kitefly in guatemala. photos are of 2005.

- this weekend we are gonna celebrate the Osow day.. the state of Puebla.
I would like to invite you to surf in our webpage… I hope you enjoy the Osow day as well as we are gonna do…!!! - A hug from your IKX friends… Check our webpage, It has a flyer on the main page about Osow day...


- -

timezone -7   canada calgary central-usa arizona denver - MST Mountain Standard

- home of OSOW - see web - Denver Colorado -

- Denver OSOW site -- OSOW denver press release 2006 ( rtf file )
- Sustainable Living Village's special guest will be John McConnell,
Earth Day founder, who at 93 will share his vision of Earth’s future >

timezone -8   West-Canada Vancouver West-USA Seattle LosAngeles Mexico Tijuana - PST Pacific Standard
CANADA west - - We had our OSOW Fly today at parksville, BC Canada - photo gallery -
The weather started off cool and overcast with gusty and random winds, but we still got quite a few kites up, even though they often came down. again. ;^) Things got much better in the afternoon- the wind changed direction to a
smooth onshore wind, pushing the clouds away and we were able to enjoy a fine, warm day's flying.
All the best to you! Steve
timezone -9   USA-Alaska YST Yukon Standard
USA - Hawaii

Lots of kites were flown on Saturday but alas no pictures , YET.. I arranged for 25 kites to be made by little kids. Wonderful time at our Kohala Country Faire. If I get a pix I’ll send it on.
xoxoxo - Jennifer aka Froggy - -

timezone -10   Hawaii - East-Aleutes
timezone -11   Nome - Phoenix Islands - Western-Samoa - Kiribati - Eniwetok

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