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"12 oct 2008"

un ciel un monde himmel ohne grenzen
um céu um mundo één hemel één wereld
one sky one world   un cielo un mondo
ranginui rapatuanuku un cielo un mundo  

12 oct 2008


timezone +12   - newzealand - tonga - fiji - tuvalu - marshall - SSR-kamchatka


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First photo of sunday oct 12 2008 >
-(received sat 21 h CET time)
Sunday morning, onshore breeze,
Tasmanian beach somewhere.
++ HAPPY BIRTHDAY KISA!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo.
- robert b.

timezone +9   - Australia - East-Indonesia - Japan - Korea - SSR-Jakutsk


I am Katsutaka Murooka
(Japan Kite Association menber)
We have very important home ! >
I did not forget it on the second Sunday of October, but there was work of the community and at last was able to take time in the evening. However, wind does not blow as expected. The kite-flier gives it up, and I am sorry unwillingly, however, to have you make the kite of the frog with the international frog year this year. I put it together and made the miniature book of the frog of the Korean folktale. Tateki Tanimoto

< The image of OSOW2008 in Hokkaido (Japan) is sent.
Takeyoshi Matsuda - team niji axel+ .


In Inage Coast park of Chiba. >
Hiroyasu Kawasaki

Yes, every second sunday in every october is OSOW day. But this day is the "maturi" in my village iroiro. maturi mean the festival, it is the festival of the harvest. i send some photos about a maturi, it is "shishimai" sometime you say lion dance.
i didn't fly kites on sunday but i flied a kite on monday but no photo. ciao, makoto

OSOW contact > see web koreakite -
+ osow korea mirror page -

timezone +8   China Peking Mongolia Brunei Indonesia Philippines Singapore West-Australia

This year we flew right on the tracks of F1 Singapore Grand Prix circuit by the Singapore Floating Platform. We also flew a hand painted OSOW kite for this occasion with the Singapore Flyer as backdrop.
- wing lee


We had a nice small island kite festival
last day. full fun for bad wind, so that someone break his carbon root, but every one are happy! Robot said : every one made a strong kite for next year. then i said : It 's name Typhoon kite! here are some pictures for you and one sky one world. good wind, sunny lin.
+ Happy Birthday ! Kisa! +

Hi, I am Bell from Taiwan
One sky one world 2008
timezone +7   SSR West-Indonesia West-Malaysia Cambodia Vietnam Hanoi Thailand Lao
After war Cambodian live happily in peace. We have good time to organize National Kite Festival every year since 1994 and join OSOW activities since 2002.
Today in Phnom Penh, October 12 2008, we fly Khleng Ek (Peace symbol) with people in the world for durable peace. Best wind,
Sim Sarak and Cheang Yarin .
Co-authors of Khmer kites


- TKA osow page -

I am very glad and great to see your message.
I send OSOW 2008.
Good Winds!
Chamras D. / President

Pattani Kite flying Club

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Here is a report about the World Kite Day celebration in Moscow, Russia.
The weather in the middle of October usually is very unstable and rainy. There was a moist snow in Moscow on the OSOW day last year. ;) This year we (Prokite club www) decided to organize two events - a reserve-party on 4th October and the WKD itself on 12th October. Here are photos of the first event: -- photos of the World Kite Day celebration -- It really was a quite short under-rain flying session. But we are glad anyway that we did it!
To give you more information about Russian kiting activities I'd like to show you some photo galleries of our 6th Annual Colorful Sky Fall Festival: - vmishenko - alex.gornostaev - Motley sky - kosmopoisk - Regards, Boris Goussakov . Prokite club

timezone +2   Finland Ukraine Lithuania Greece Turkey Egypt Zimbabwe Namibia South-Africa


Greg and Jacqui Mountjoy from Natal, South Africa had the most perfect day to fly our kites for One Sky One World >

< here a picture taken by my son with me flying in the background. The day was stunning and we hope you had great support. Take care, Sam and Josh

We flew kites for peace at Dolphin Beach, Cape Town in a variable Southeast wind. We had a great time and urged everyone to work for peace for all mankind. Passers-by repaid our efforts with smiles! We flew kites, fish, frogs, bols, spinners, balls and more. Best wishes from Briski, Beryl, Ashley and Mari. Thanks to Beryl for the photo! - Briski .



timezone +1   Sweden Norway France Germany Netherlands Austria Spain Italy Poland Morocco Libia Cameroun Angola



the little wind in Vienna showed us that peace is WORK.

OSOW in Vienna on the Danube Island, the weekend of the international kitefestival, our guest was Nick James and many kitefliers from Austria...
best wishes to all kitefriend in the world,
gerhard & daniela -- more photos -


Århus Kite Club arranges a 2008 OSOW fly in "Mindeparken", Århus, Denmark (map) - Esben Collstrup, God Vind, Århus Drageklub





Best wishes to all friends from Mårten Bondestam
Bobäck, Finland. Did not get anybody to come.
Flew the Tarzan Cat, a golden cone and the Peacedowe. Veronika my daughter helped and took some photos of me. All photos are on 12.10.2008

FRANCE < We flew for osow this year. It was a nice flight. Big hugs StoF & Richard

We'll send you pictures from Paris this sunday - see you soon - Alex de Saint-Jouan

Les 11 et 12 octobre 2008 à eu lieu la 14 ème édition du festival CERVOLIX dans le cadre du ONE SKY ONE WORLD. De nombreux Cervolistes se sont réunie sur le Plateau de Gergovie pour célébrer ce rendez-vous annuel consacré à la paix. Plus de 30 000 visiteurs ont fait le déplacement. Le soleil lui même était de la fête. Merci à tous les cervolistes, pilotes, animateurs et bénévoles qui ont participé à la réusite de ce beau week end. Bruno


GERMANY webworkers
fly./out : over
"one sKisa"



Ich war heut auch fleissig fliegen am "Fliegenschwammerhäuschen" in Marktleuthen/Oberfranken.
Wegen Windmangels bin ich dann aufs CABRIO-SCUBI-Fliegen umgestiegen.
gruss silke .


one world..
die fotos sind gerade erst 3 h alt.
gruesse aus dem
tagir und patric .
++ ...happy birthday kisa ++

It's October again and we take part in the world-wide OSOW event.We didn't win the world championship in football, but today Erdmannshain in Saxony, near Leipzig, in Germany plays football for peace all over the world.
- more photos soon -


- thema OSOW
im -


Am Sonntag, dem 12.10, fanden sich in Wuppertal ca. 40 Leute zusammen, um OSOW zu zelebrieren.Es wurde jongliert, sich zugeprostet, geraucht und gechillt - nur Drachen flogen eher wenig wegen Windmangel.
Dafür wurde das Gelände, ein ehemaliger Truppenübungsplatz, exorziert - out, demons, out !

'Internationaler Flugtag für den Frieden
"One sky, one world"
in Bebra-Iba,
gruss bernhard



Dear Kiteflyer Friends, We flied together It was a good weather, good wind, beautiful sunshine! We celebrated the OSOW (Egy Ég Egy Föld) in Mátyásföld, Budapest. It was a perfect day! Together- with family, children, grandparents and friends, in peace, to be free. The photos coming soon...:D But see one photo! See ya! From Hungary, 3S Sárkányereszto Baráti Társaság


- sarkanyereszto - samugyuri - sarkany - Flower - cosmomiki71 - Corvus -


This year we are going to celebrate OSOW in Romania again, more precisely at the local Children's Club (clubcopiihateg) HATEG, Hunedoara county, Romania. Steady winds, KÖVESSI Zsolt OSOW 2007 web gallery -
- OSOW web gallery -

dalle campagne della Sardegna!!
a 5 minuti da casa, pensandovi tanto tanto...
auguri speciali per un felice OSOW compleanno a
Tanti Baci e Abbracci

Ciao ... today fly for one sky one world >
fate l'amore non fate la guerra!!!!!
ciao, Marco Casadio .
Happy birthday Kisa ...........grossen KISS...........

we wait for OSOW 2008 we fly in rezzato botticino italy
-- noi voliamo per la pace nel mondo noi voliamo per simone --

i send you report of eighth Osow in savona - Italy. It was a sunny and windy day, with a lot of peaceful friends, playing
with kites on the nice beach of Savona.
All the best from 30kiteclub, and thanks for your job on osow. - Giancarlo.



We will celebrate this with a small festival, pictures on monday. -
- Here a movie from our 12 Ocotber kite flying.
- stephen versteegh :)


< Yvonne Oerlemans, Amsterdam.
My contribute to One Sky OneWorld.

Thanks for spreading the kites over the world.
come and see my exhibition FINIMAL at the Salon Arti et Amicitiae , Rokin 112, 31/10
Or for my performance on 1/11, A shade of a talk at Studio Pulchri, Den Haag

Best regards in the World Day of Kite.
Andrzej M.



Break-in news. We've had a gorgeous OSOW day with 47 schoolchildren and wonderful adult helpers from the local Children's Club (Clubul Copiilor, Hateg, Hunedoara County, Romania). Best regards to everyone, KÖVESSI Zsolt (Hungary) www.




timezone 0   Iceland England London Ireland Portugal Mauritania Mali Ghana

White Horse Kite Flyers once again gathered at Barbury castle for OSOW. The morning was blanketed with fog but by early afternoon there was a brilliant blue sky and 24 people flew a total of 191 kites.

see jim's web -

I hope that the OSOW events all went off as planned?
I was lucky to be invited to a little kite festival in the very North East of England, up on the moors in a place called Allendale. There were about 50 kiters all doing their thing at the highest kite festival in England.
Regards, Stephen

on 12 october we flew at one of the highspots in England at Allendale at a festival organised by John Dobson. It was a great event, the weather was fantastic, the views superb and john had laid on food and music too! we exhibited the banners made by 'kite friends' at Washington this year as many of them feature the same sky and friends around the world.
we thought of all of you too
Pauline and Ged



timezone -1   Azores Canary-Islands Reykjavik Iceland
timezone -2   - Middle-Atlantic - Cape-Verde-Islands
timezone -3   East-Brazil Brasilia Argentina Buenos-Aires Surinam Greenland


all of us tried to fly on sunday and then on monday (because it was holiday here) and it was impossible, cause both days there were rain and storm here en buenos aires, all our plans had to be cancelled, I am so sad about it, sorry no pics this time :(
wednesday: well here I am finally with my kitefly!!
flying for
leonidas !! 4 lines kite
good luck dear friends! - ochas!

OSOW news 2007

Here is a heavy rainy day, so we couldn’t went out for flying, but maybe tomorrow we expect to celebrate. Nevertheless attached you can find some special “models” we’ve prepared for OSOW.
Regards, Gustavo . from BaToCo in
Buenos Aires
- Kites made by Beatriz Cassanello for Osow 2008 -

We are very sad because the weather didn´t give us a hand. Sunday was horrible because of rain, so we decided to fly OSOW on Monday (non working day in Argentina) but it was awful too as Sunday. Can we fly OSOW next Sunday?
I hope you are OK. Best regards LAlo

Mar de Ajó city, Argentina
We had some weather issues around, but we managed to fly our kites for this osow.
Bajamar Team.
Oscar Holgado, Roberto Vañecek & Alberto Sabal



" The sun is the life,
the life is us"
Antonio Augusto -
Ventodepipa team www
timezone -4   Canada Quebec Montreal Venezuela Bolivia Chile Guyana West-Brasil AST Atlantic Standard

Sunday, we were at the Commune Park in Varennes, Quebec for One Sky One World. A very good idea from the organization that is to mix the enviromantal aspect and human rights with very interesting spokepersons. As usual, we had a good time with Robert Trepanier ! It was great seeing old friends and meeting new ones ! - A few pictures .
Until next year... Christine & Daniel

Varennes. We had terrific weekend with sun and almost no wind, but we had two conferences. One on climats changes and the other on the evolution of humans rights. Many distingues guest honor our event and we brought hope to our community. Our sound was generated by clean energy.
Michel Gagnon - See picture and complete report.
timezone -5   Canada Toronto East-USA NewYork Cuba Bahamas Colombia Peru Easter-Island EST Eastern Standard


Pictures from One Sky One World Colombia (South America) 2008. 20 kite flyers in Tunal park in Bogota. Rain in the morning but sunny in the afternoon. Everyone loved to fly kites in OSOW 2008. Regards Jorge Beltran .


< Bogota

Niquia >

Location: NIQUIA, a small town in Antioquia, near Medellin, in COLOMBIA, South America. 320 Sled Kites were given to kids (3 TO 15) and flown. The kites were made and the event was organized by members of the BOREAS Kite Club (mail) During the beautiful Colombian sunny afternoon a local DJ mentioned the purpose of the fly so that the kids took home a nice kite, a nice memory and a nice message. The local TV and the local newspaper recorded the event so that the message can be displayed again and again for people to remember. This is the second time we hold the event and it was so succesfull that we're sure we'll do it again next year. Hope you enjoy the pictures. - Andrès Ramìrez Valencia

Perfect weather for the Noreasters kite fly at Bug Light Park,
South Portland, Maine. Many people joined us in flying kites over Portland Harbor. Tony Heeschen, -

Here's a photo of our kites in Massachusetts >
The trees are giving us
beautiful colors this year.
< and an event that took place yesterday called
"East meets West"
Thanks, Glenn Davison
P.S. Today I sent a request for photos to FIVE kite clubs on the east coast!

We had very little wind, in fact zero. We managed to get one kite in the sky.... Hope you had better luck. No wind here, means more wind in the other part of the world... One world, one sky :)
Wadson ( flying a Hatian kite on George's Island east of Boston.)

With virtually no wind, The
Haitian Kite takes flight to celebrate "One World, One Sky"!
Georges Island Boston, MA
Wadson & Todd the Travel Guy
- (the kite is about 2m tall) -

Pictures from Liberty State Park in NJ
Regards, Rich


Just spent the weekend at the Maple Ridge Kite Festival in Lowville, NY. Almost no wind both Saturday and Sunday. The kite organizer Thom Shanken got a golf cart and atv and used them to fly a pair of sutton 450's with 150 foot tails for the crowds. The side used to be a training grounds for horses and they used the race track to display the kites. - Jackie Maciel

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timezone -7   canada calgary central-usa arizona denver - MST Mountain Standard

- home of OSOW - -
Denver Colorado -

2008 preview: osow kitefestival denver trailer - (or here) -
info web denver stapleton -

timezone -8   West-Canada Vancouver West-USA Seattle LosAngeles Mexico Tijuana - PST Pacific Standard

Approximately 12 kite fliers flew at Parksville, BC Canada this afternoon. The winds were a bit bumpy, but the Sun shone for most of the day and there were many smiling faces. I loaded a few photos in the OSOW_2008 album.
Best regards, Steve K.Brown.

Washington, Long Beach
"One Sky, One World" in Long Beach, WA is a two day event. "That's so we are sure to be flying with everyone in the world," the flyers claim.
Scientifically there's no proof; it's just to have more fun. This year 37 flyers brought their kite collections and more than 60 folks made the bird kite provided by the World Kite Museum and flew them.
Granadian, George Peters, brought heritage kites from his country. Their hummers filled the air with noise. The Museum also let flyers experiment with Styrofoam cups slit at a 90 degree angle into the bottom and up the side of the cup. This attached to the kite line helped magnify the sound of the kite line. Flapping banners and diving stunt kites added to the sights and sounds of the days.
timezone -9   USA-Alaska YST Yukon Standard
USA - Hawaii


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