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timezone +12   - newzealand - tonga - fiji - tuvalu - marshall - SSR-kamchatka

Yes New Zealand will there weather permitting, and as we are the first in the world to see the new day lets hope for a fine one
Steady breezes, Peter & Anne Whitehead

timezone +11   - Norfolk Island - Solomon Islands -
timezone +10   - Guam - East-Australia - Tasmania - Papua NewGuinea - SSR-Vladivostok

a) tried to fly , but we had wet, wet and more wet,
and no winds, so no images, sorry.
See you all soon, Robert B / Tasmania

< ...
b) finally, managed to fly for ONESKY two weeks later
in CHINA, Xiamen.

timezone +9   - Australia - East-Indonesia - Japan - Korea - SSR-Jakutsk

Now, I send you this picture about One sky One world day. We have just good wind day on "'09 Tako Festival in SHIRONE" for this the Memory day on autumn at SHIRONE in JAPAN.
Thanks, Yours truly, Hiromi Endo

The image of OSOW2009 of Hokkaido (Japan) is sent. it is as much as one week from the date earlier.
Takeyoshi Matsuda - +AXEL .

One sky one world.
It's a beautiful day in Tokyo today, but no winds.
Masami Fukuoka, South Tokyo Japan >

clear sky but soft wind, kite flying and "shishimai" in Daimon
- Ohye Makoto

Dear Tom -san attached is a picture for you to use for the One Sky One World event. {october 11 2009 } As a title for this picture I have chosen:
No More Atomic Weapons! Peace and Love For All Humanity!
Best regards, K. Murooka, Tokyo, Japan
For peace in the world >
from Ciba Japan.
Hiroyasu Kawasaki

It was very good weather.
I flew kites with Masahito,osamu,and team Aile.
This message is from Lake
Biwa-ko, Shiga, JAPAN
+ MIyagawa Yumiko ,Kyoto,JAPAN +


+ osow korea mirror page 2002-



Korean Team flying for ONESKY in China, Xiamen

i am attaching here with some of my photographs taken during my visit to korea for participation in trex international games held in 2008 i participated in kite flying and also displayed my environmental protection kites there and kites on international peace and brotherhood.
please comments, with kind regards, dr.devinder pal singh sehgal,

timezone +8   China Peking Mongolia Brunei Indonesia Philippines Singapore West-Australia
i visited kitefest Xiamen and presented the idea of osow. it became highly accepted by the organisation and the public.
i flew my ancient egypt genkhi for "AFRIKA", plus installed the painted banners of "project waterline" as an appeal for learning about global water resources. i received an official price from siming province government for "most ecolocic kite", and i proudly dedicate it to ONE SKY.
flying for peace in xiamen





Balikpapan, OSOW,

- fotos (facebook)
ranah minang berduka, Jogjakarta, Indonesia:
turut berduka sedalam-dalamnya atas musibah gempa bumi di ranah minang
semoga di beriketabahan dan kekuatan. (about the earthquake disaster in Minang).
philippines for ONESKY, at Xiamen kitefest, China.



Greetings from Sunny Singapore! We join the annual kiteflying for "peace, cultural transfer, understanding and tolerance". Glad to record the bigger show-up on OSOW 2009 with plenty of sun and wind.
Best Rgds, Wing Lee

Finished making the SLK for OSOW event. >
Its a compound bowed kite with a delta winglet at the leading edge. Will upload the photos today of the contruction and test flight (video).
- Patrick Tan

I am Bell.
This is our OSOW pic.
-- My team 8+
best regards!

i just posted on the 8plus more people can see the website tom prepared.
this date(s) happened to be for the She-men kite festival in Taipei county.
so many of us will be there flying anyway. wish upon the sky... may peace and love rise and fly far and wide. - Litsong Lu
timezone +7   SSR West-Indonesia West-Malaysia Cambodia Vietnam Hanoi Thailand Lao


< One Sky One World OSOW for 2009
- flying for love of World peace, Friendship -
Good Winds! Chamras D , Pattani Kite flying Club

flying for ONESKY in China, Xiamen >
team sanook, bangkok

(kite by ramlal, france)

timezone +6   - Cocos Island - Bangladesh - Myanmar - Nepal - Kazakhstan - Usbekistan
timezone +5   - Turkmenistan Usbekistan Maledives - India - Pakistan - Sri Lanka

we are planning to fly kites this time i think in near some world heritage places.
we can help to the government to save this for next generations.
please wait for our new photos . asghar belim . jodhpour >

< Team Mangalore, India organised kite flying event on Sunday Oct 11, 2009 at Panambur Beach, Mangalore, a coastal town on West coast of Southern India in connection with One Sky One World Kite Flying Day. Many families participated in the event in true spirit of the theme " ONE SKY ONE WORLD". Around 5000 spectators witnessed this great event.
Regards, Sarvesh Rao


timezone +4   Azerbijan SSR-Volgograd Afghanistan-Kabul UAE Oman Seychelles Mauritius


timezone +3   - SSR-Moscow Kuwait Saudi-Arabia Iran Irak-Baghdad Ethiopia Kenya Madagascar


We are from Kuwait and we want to share our photo in your website as One sky one world 2009.... attached our pictures... Best Regards, Ali Buhamad & Amar Buhamad



< reporting from Moscow, Russia
10 and 11 oct 2009 kite event -- photos here .
Misha Genin

Mike Loskov, from Moscow, about ONE SKY ONE WORLD
(video posted by Alexandre De Saint-Jouan)

timezone +2   Finland Ukraine Lithuania Greece Turkey Egypt Zimbabwe Namibia South-Africa



Its Jacqui from South Africa. Good news -
the Cape Town Kite festival is next weekend, so we will send you lots of pictures. One sky one world. We all fly for peace -pic slide -


UKRAINE XIX the International festival of kites of space subjects there will pass in Kherson (Ukraine) under aegis of EUROTALENT and MILSET, under the motto " ONE SKY-ONE WORLD ", devoted 231 anniversary of Kherson, 82 years children's technical creativity in Ukraine, 72 years APZ, 64-th anniversary of the Great Victory over Domestic war, 52 years to start 1 artificial satellite, 40 years KhPF, 18 s to anniversary of creation of the Ukrainian youth space association "Syzirya", and Societies of assistance to defense of Ukraine, 15-th anniversary of airline AEROSVIT.
The festival to be spent, on November, 21-25st, 2009 from 10.00, park of Memory of Taurian microdistrict of Kherson. - Aleksey Zverik . --

photos from Lithianian OSOW 2009.
Greetings, Jurgis -www-




Andres Sokk,
Estonia Tallinn .

& more pics .

It was a wonderfull day.
see the our club
' forum video link

- halit cebeci

timezone +1   Sweden Norway France Germany Netherlands Austria Spain Italy Poland Morocco Libia Cameroun Angola

OSOW in Vienna there was the kitefestival on the Danube Island in the middle of the town.
Best wishes Gerhard & Daniela / ste.

- pics1 - pics2 -

On October 11th of this year, 30 kite flyers coming from France and from Belgium met at Ville-Pommeroeul (Belgium) for the OSOW day. - photo gallery -
Best wishes. Geneviève and Jean-Luc Vansnickt .


Århus Kite Club is back at Tangkrogen for this years OSOW fly after being exiled to Mindeparken last year during the renovation of Tangkrogen.
The program as usual includes kiteflying, candy bombing and parafauna dropping. A new activity will be water rocket launches.


our 12th osow festival ! The people wrote messages on a white strip of spinaker, and then we invited
children to help launching the rokakku kite.

Rainy day this year, but lots of people.
Pablo Ibarrondo. Lendakari Lau Haizetara . Euskal Herria, Alava



FRANCE Hello my friends, tudo bom?
Today we flew in
BRINON-SUR-BEUVRON (58420), Bourgogne, France. Only two guys but, something is something… :D
So, I send to U some pictures. The guy on the pictures is my neighbor, a farmer touched by the kite passion... Abrazos mi amigos!


Les 10 et 11 Octobre 2009 c'est déroulé sur le plateau de Gergovie en France la 15 ème édition du festival CERVOLIX dans le cadre du "ONE SKY ONE WORLD". Dans le cadre du festival une opération "cerf-volant pour la paix" a été organisé avec les enfants de la région.
Merci à tous et à l'année prochaine. Bruno


Alexandre De Saint-Jouan posted a link: ONE.SKY page at facebook.



< sat. oct.10 morning... a perfect kite day. dark clouds, rain, rain, rain. and no wind ^^

ONESKY www admins video stream... (artPeace)
a) covering
webworks [tom, sts]     
b) ONESKY fly, week after in
CHINA... [tom]
 (oops.. china XIAMEN postponed to end of october..)
c) kitecruise to
DENVER colorado, usa
  [kisa, anke, george, melanie]




Wuppertal - webpage '09 -
we had sunshine on saturday, sunshine on monday - why does it always rain on sundays? No matter, about 30 Kiteflyers came to OSOW in Wuppertal and had a good time flying in the mud and keeping the spirit. pics1 - pics2 - pics3 .
See you next year! Heiko, Matthias, & ,-
We are here again.
Erdmannshain near Leipzig in Germany greets the rest of our world. We need to do something for a more peaceful world. That’s why we join “one sky-one world” again to set a coloured example into the sky, the only one we have.
- more see web -
roro (syn-tv, drachensyndikat):
osow covering
from island sylt !
we did it
street kiting for OSOW
sonntach gegen 14.00 /auf dem böcken
/ silschede / gevelsberg / en / nrw /germany / europe / world
thomas till ulla uwe



Hello World!
Together again... Rain, wind, sun, fun.
2009.10.11. Hungary,
Budapest, Mátyásföld (MFRT). We were to rain, wild kite, the wind dried up - we were together. Was good fun.
Again next year ....
3S Sárkányereszt? Baráti Társaság

OSOW 2007 web gallery -
- OSOW web gallery -

Photo Galleries 2009:
- 3S
- KZoli
- ÖregMiki


One sky one world goes to Cagliari beach with Fausto...

..and with Alessia: OSOW goes to "Tuttestorie" children's literature festival Cagliari into town!
make kites not war!!!!

last november we gave a present to papa ratzinger in visit in botticino a white kite with a parchment, explaining the OSOW think and a message of peace and fraternity with the prayer to bring it in the world. >

< ..and some pictures of our osow celebration last october in rezzato brescia italy.
salvatore leonardi & Tommaso Remitti,
gruppo aquilonisti bresciani

A great regard to all peacefull kiters by 30 Kite Club , in the ninth ligurian OSOW event! Hundreds of school children with their little kites and a lot of kite-friend celebrating "One Sky One World" on the SAVONA beach, in a magnificent windy day. PEACE; WIND AND KITES FOR EVERYBODY!

Scrivo due righe oltre al programma e foto allegate, per comunicare che l'Ass.Aquilonisti " I Millepiedi", ... ha organizzato la ventunesima edizione del festival "ONE SKY ONE WORLD" (un solo cielo un solo mondo), manifestazione di aquiloni, dedicata alla pace del mondo, anche perchè l'aquilone è un grandissimo simbolo di pace. Manifestazione in contemporanea ad altri 108 paesi del Mondo, Parteciperanno tutti gli aquilonisti d' Italia ed alcuni aquilonisti dei paesi Europei. Tempo permettendo faremo volare anche il grande aquilone della pace, di 300 metri quadri, realizzato in collaborazione agli aquilonisti del trasimeno e pitturato con il tema della pace dai bambini delle scuole di Foligno e Castiglione del lago.



< Today we flew or kites for OSOW
in Asten Holland. Rain ruff wind and kold no problem there was peace. see You somwhere somhow with the wind from behind.
Greatings from Holland Ton Vinken.

Bosch' Vlieger Genootschap anno 1975
11 OCTOBER 2009
Halderse Akkers HA3AH,
Sint Michielsgestel .

and still we are connected >
love ,Yvonne Oerlemans, amsterdam
The OSOW Norway is taking place at Ekeberg, Oslo.
The event will be documented in English and Norwegian and all pictures will be multilingual! ;-)
Please feel free to use any of the OSOW-pictures submitted to any of the two websites stated above, on your OSOW page!


" O lume, un cer "

Please add the OSOW words in Romanian: "O lume, un cer"
This year we're not going to celebrate OSOW day in
Romania, instead we'll do so in Budapest MFRT together with our friends.
Best wishes, Zsolt .

I send you some expressions from the 20th kitefestival at Aarau
Switzerland on OSOW-Day.
many people, families and kitefriends enjoyed the beautiful day.

Best regards from Drachenfreunde Aarau


At 15.30 OSOW day there seemed to be a gap in the drizzle. Temperature was +6C and no wind, so I took the light wind A-kross train and went to the park. As soon as I had had got the dog anchor down the drizzle started again, and the wind started blowing towards the road. Wind and rained increased quite quickly, so after five minutes I packed in, with numb fingers.
Keep it UP! Andreas , Västerås, Sweden .

timezone 0   Iceland England London Ireland Portugal Mauritania Mali Ghana


What a day. 9 members of White Horse kite Flyers turned out in appalling weather for this years OSOW. Only 7 kites were flown and most of these got water logged and dropped out of the sky before the
flyers gave up and retired to the local hostelry. To make matters worse, as darkness fell, the rain stopped and the sky cleared for a beautiful evening. But then it is what kite flyers expect in this country. Let us hope with a new government next year they may do something about the weather!!!--
Arthur Dibble . White Horse Kite Flyers


This year I was keeping the spirit of One Sky One World flying from Heatherset Park Norwich, England. I normally fly kites from Amsterdam where I live but it was my son Toby's birthday and what better way to start celebrations than with OSOW. It was perfect flying weather. May Peace and Love prevail on Earth!
Best wishes Christopher Leather & Toby Dammann.

here is the link to the North East Kitefliers photos from last sunday - flying at herrington park in Sunderland
pauline T. /northeastkitefliers



Kite Activity in Portugal: Clubs in Portugal:
APKite -
ExpoKite -
Guincho Kite Team -
WindSpirit Kites -
Best Regards, Eduardo Oliveira .
Hi, just to let you know that we'll be flying with you guys in the
Cabanas de Tavira, Algarve -
Venham voar pela PAZ connosco: 11 Outubro 2009 na Kite BeachCabanas! Saber mais sobre OSOW Portugal.
- Sandra Santos, EOLIS at facebook. -

Hello my dear friend.
OSOW LISBON 2009 is running
Best Regards,
Mário De Carvalho / areventos
timezone -1   Azores Canary-Islands Reykjavik Iceland
timezone -2   - Middle-Atlantic - Cape-Verde-Islands
timezone -3   East-Brazil Brasilia Argentina Buenos-Aires Surinam Greenland


This year, with Batoco, we will share a Kite Festival with a lovely people from a city 50 km far away from Buenos Aires, city: Pilar.
The people: from the non Governmental Wild Life Reservation of this city. This is their second kite festival and their first OSOW. They are working hard to celebrate their city Saint festivals with this kite festival while promoting their job about wild original animals and plants conservation. Cordially yours LAlo Loescher



BaToCo, Buenos Aires, Argentina. - Gustavo OSOW announcement.
Information about our Osow activities:
On Sunday October 4th, BaToCo's members performed two pre-Osow activities:
- kite flying on the shore of Rio de la Plata
- participating in a Scout Group's family activity, making and flying kites, learning about caring for our environment. - photos -
- Kite Festival in a Wild Life Reservation on October 11, promoting wild animals and plants protection.


Greetings for all that like kites >
Antonio Augusto -
timezone -4   Canada Quebec Montreal Venezuela Bolivia Chile Guyana West-Brasil AST Atlantic Standard

Montreal - We like to receive post and clip of your event and will send some of our event With Skype .
Michel Gagnon osow.web '09-

With 55 km/hour wind we celebrated
One Sky
One World


Here are some pictures taken of our " un shelu un mundu " of yesterday.
We from the Curacao Kite Foundation prepared this get together in the name of peace, goodness and justice for all nations. " pas, bondad y husticia" in our native tongue Papiamentu. We had a nice time and we knew that we were connected around the world.

If you like to know more about Curacao Kite flying, please look at our website for more info .
I hope next year more people will join accross the world. kind regards, Carol.

timezone -5   Canada Toronto East-USA NewYork Cuba Bahamas Colombia Peru Easter-Island EST Eastern Standard


Próximo Domingo...Todos a Volar !!!!!!
El Domingo 11 de Octubre se realizará en todo el Mundo la celebración UN CIELO...UN MUNDO. Cometeros de Bogotá realizarán un gran vuelo de cometas blancas y un MEGATEAM de cometas deportivas a las 2 de la tarde en el Parque El Tunal.
GERMAN Y CAROLINA,, jorge beltran - osow noticias -

team CK osow on facebook, bogota

Hello Friends, the pictures of our celebration OSOW 2009 in MANANTIALES, Antioquia, near Medellin . 320 Sled Kites were given to kids. During the beautiful Colombian sunny afternoon a local DJ mentioned the purpose of the fly so that the kids took home a nice kite, a nice memory and a nice message. The local TV and the local newspaper recorded the event so that the message can be displayed again and again for people to remember. In this celebration we fly the WORLD KITE. Andrès Ramìrez Valencia, Club de cometeros BOREAS -
VIENTO DEL NORTE, Medellìn - Colombia .
< Inés Elvira Uribe from medellin was also flying.



South Portland Maine, USA, for the 23rd annual One Sky One World. We had strong winds but had a nice group of people flying all kinds of kites. Lost one kite to the sea and almost lost one to a grove of pine trees.
< Tony Heeschen 2009

South Portland Maine, USA, by glenn davison >

timezone -6   Canada Saskatchewan USA Chicago Dallas Mexico Mexico-City Galapagos CST Central Standard





Walter Solano Mora -fbook-



timezone -7   canada calgary central-usa arizona denver - MST Mountain Standard



- home of OSOW - -
Denver Colorado -

OSOW 2009 festival, 2 days !


" World Kite Day. Promoting harmony between people and developing greater respect and awareness for the environment of our planet. Using the kite as a symbol, manifesting the symbiotic relationship between humans and nature. "

 osow denver trailer .
- photoalbum by fran rew -

< John McConnell, founder of International EARTHDAY.
see more at !


< osow rokakku
by reza ragheb

denver crew
& video chat tent >

timezone -8   West-Canada Vancouver West-USA Seattle LosAngeles Mexico Tijuana - PST Pacific Standard


Parksville BC, Canada,
We had our annual OSOW fly today, clear blue skies and a good breeze with 8 or 10 fliers. I've uploaded a few pics in my PhotoBucket OSOW 2009 album

Best breezes, Steve

Long Beach, WA, webpage 2009 -
timezone -9   USA-Alaska YST Yukon Standard
USA - Hawaii


timezone -10   Hawaii - East-Aleutes
timezone -11   Nome - Phoenix Islands - Western-Samoa - Kiribati - Eniwetok

New! GoogleEarth Position
(requires googleEarth software)

+ > OneSky Photo.Gallery 2009 /



ONE SKY "" at Facebook .

OSOW denver-group at Facebook .



2009 ViDEO live streams
- from denver colorado, usa -
- varennes canada
- web admins funstream "roofLab" -
video broadcasting only on sunday oct ^^



Enjoy the days and share your Fun !

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