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"14 oct 2012"central day

ONE.SKY... world flying for peace and education !
'The Wind knows No Borders'

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14/ 24
oct 29, 2012

1sky 2012 trancultural dialogue in progress.

Link: >>> OneSky Photo.Gallery

timezone +12   - newzealand - tonga - fiji - tuvalu - marshall - SSR-kamchatka
timezone +11   - Norfolk Island - Solomon Islands -
timezone +10   - Guam - East-Australia - Tasmania - Papua NewGuinea - SSR-Vladivostok
Coolum, Queensland > (James Cotter)
timezone +9   - Australia - East-Indonesia - Japan - Korea - SSR-Jakutsk

< JKA (Japan Kite Association) Annual convention was held on October 14 at Okinoshima Island - greetings to ONE-SKY !

OSOW in Japan
< Hokkaido
Team NIJI Matsuda +AXEL


OSOW / Tokyo >
(Toshiya Airrex Yamashita)


(Hiroyasu Kawasaki



I flew these kites at Oki island Shimane prefectur. The white kite is 3.11 kite - 11 March, the day of earthquake. I flew it at Cervia, Dieppe and Oki. The red kite is Syutendoji... Another kite is kizuna kite. Kizuna mean ties or bonds... the bonds of friendship, the ties of japanese, the ties of people ...
ciao, makoto

timezone +8   China Peking Mongolia Brunei Indonesia Philippines Singapore West-Australia
< Banjarmasin, Borneo




Annual OSOW kite fly at Marina Barrage >
(wing lee)

< Bukit Panjang, Singapore (Han Salleh)


Teipei OSOW (Bell Chiu)


Osow Teinan >
(Fb. Album)


master kitemaker sunny lin,
for OSOW

timezone +7   SSR West-Indonesia West-Malaysia Cambodia Vietnam Hanoi Thailand Lao
We enjoy flying Khleng Bao, one kind of Cambodian traditional kites, to join with kite flyers around the world for One Sky One World 2012 for peace, education and cultural exchange. We fly three Khleng Bao (pocket kite) along the river side of four arms(four rivers) in Phnom Penh.
(Sim Sarak and Cheang Yarin, Khmer kite family)

See you in Pantai Klebang, Malacca, Malaysia


Bandar Dato Onn , Johor Bahru, Malaysia 14 oktober 2012 One Sky One World ONE SKY..


Kuala Lumpur -Fb. Album -

OSOW 2012 - pantai bersih, Penang (Azemi Ariffin)

1sky at cha-am
intl kitefestival

timezone +6   - Cocos Island - Bangladesh - Myanmar - Nepal - Kazakhstan - Usbekistan
timezone +5   - Turkmenistan Usbekistan Maledives - India - Pakistan - Sri Lanka

we support "One Sky One World" to spread harmony, understanding and religious tolerance. ’‘In the sky there are no borders that could divide people, ’’our souls soar with our kites.’’
(Vibrant Kite Club - Ahmedabad) and team of Kite Flyers from Ahmedabad Gujarat -
Fly Kites on 14th October 2012 at Sabarmati River Front.
timezone +4   Azerbijan SSR-Volgograd Afghanistan-Kabul UAE Oman Seychelles Mauritius
timezone +3   - SSR-Moscow Kuwait Saudi-Arabia Iran Irak-Baghdad Ethiopia Kenya Madagascar




Day OSOW, me and my lovely wife launched a 'snake' in Klin.
Russia, 85 km from Moscow to the north-west.
(SMEJ is the russian word for 'kite' and means 'snake')


OSOW - One Sky One World
Poklonnaya gora, Moscow >

timezone +2   Finland Ukraine Lithuania Greece Turkey Israel Egypt Zimbabwe Namibia South-Africa
OSOW Tel Aviv >


Peace from Istanbul < Turkey for OSOW -photos-

timezone +1   Sweden Norway France Germany Netherlands Austria Spain Italy Poland Morocco Libia Cameroun Angola
  < fuer OSOW 2012, Nitzing .


El proximo fin de semana volaremos cometas en Valladolid por One Sky One Word. (Miguel A Leon)

We are finishing the kite, and we will fly it this next sunday. ELCHE espana
- Fb. Album incl 'how to create an osow event' ;)



< OSOW 2012
Santa Pola

OSOW 2012
Vitoria-Gasteiz >


< OSOW Helsinki
(simo salanne)


On Sunday, September 23 and in respect for the United Nations International Day of Peace and the fall equinox, Denver kite-maker, Jane Parker-Ambrose, the founder of the Annual One Sky One World International Kite Fly for Peace, flew a kite for peace and was the first person recorded to ever fly a kite off of the Eiffel Tower >

DIEPPE. Jane & Larry Ambrose, OSOW founders from Denver, usa, visited dieppe intl kite festival: 'Please look up the OSOW booth at the incredible Dieppe International Kite Festival on the Normandy Coast in France. I would be so excited to meet everyone as we put together the One Sky One Word '

flying dialogue.
< BLUE Team -|- RED TEAM >
at Landemer beach.
thx ramlal !



OSOW 2012
< Penvins, france


< 1sky webworkers flying
at wikuku westerwald >

< OSOW Wuppertal '
... Link OSOW 2012

We will be flying in Trier
(Petra Baremans)




OneSkyOneWorld in Osnabrück >

< OSOW 2012, Bebra-Iba .

Drachenfreunde Münster,
We fly at the Kitefestival in Lünen >


Berlin, Britzer Garten. Familiendrachenfest für den Frieden unter dem Motto „One Sky One World“.



Erdmannshain >



< OSOW 2012 Budapest  
A warm sun and a lot of wind have signed the 12th edition of OSOW Savona-Italy . A lot of happy friends-kiters with us to celebrate the One Sky One World week-end in peace and for the peace. Hundreds people and childrens to build, fly and see the kites on the beach of Savona. We are now waiting for next edition!



< Savona OSOW 2012
- Fb. page -

Sardegna OSOW
(Fausto Maroccu) -Album-



Ommen OSOW
workshops + kiteArt expo
(Riks Siemons)


We'll be decorating the skies over Zevenaar, NL this weekend! (Marty Hirst)

cadzand ..

timezone 0   Iceland England London Ireland Portugal Mauritania Mali Ghana
GB Great-Britain
OSOW GB web 
< Nick James Kites - Will be with Jolly Up flyers at Cliddesden on the 14th for OSOW......and the evening of 23th for Light Up The Sky >
(for Children in Need).

NEKF as a club will be flying at Herrington Country Park, for OSOW, it is a good chance for all club members to show what we can do, so please turn up and support this great cause, even if it is only for a short time.

Weather permitting Poole Kite Fliers will be flying Kites for One Sky, One World at Hamworthy Park in Poole on Sunday

< White Horse Kite Flyers met at Barbury Castle. It was a bright sunny day but a cold wind.

Kendal Castle >

OSOW team 2012, Alcochete, Portugal
timezone -1   Azores Canary-Islands Reykjavik Iceland
timezone -2   - Middle-Atlantic - Cape-Verde-Islands
timezone -3   East-Brazil Brasilia Argentina Buenos-Aires Surinam Greenland



BATOCO Buenos Aires - Convocan a alzar barriletes por la paz este domingo -video espanol-
-- Fb. photoALBUM -

..images of a beautiful day, plenty of light and wind. Peace and joy from Buenos Aires!



< OSOW FLY in Brasilia JK memorial.
.greetings to all kitefliers ( Mario De Carvalho)

Rio de Janeiro -
pipas 'street style' album.

< Rio de Janeiro
(antonio agusto)

timezone -4   Canada NovaScotia Venezuela Bolivia Chile Guyana West-Brasil AST Atlantic Standard
timezone -5   Canada Quebec East-USA NewYork Cuba Bahamas Colombia Peru Easter-Island EST Eastern Standard

Bogota (Lions Pair Kites)

Colombian Kites clubs will fly at Tunal Park in Bogotá the city capital of Colombia >
Clubes de cometas en Colombia volaran por la paz en el parque El Tunal el 14 de Octubre


OSOW 2012 in Medellìn >
This is the fourth time we hold the event and it was so succesfull that we're sure we'll do it again next year.

Location: NIQUÍA, a small town in Antioquia, near Medellin, in COLOMBIA, South America.

< Bogota, all best from Oscar Leonardo Muñoz Martinez



OSOW 2012 Varennes, Quebec, Canada
- Fb. event page + WEBpage -
We had rain all day but we flew dual and quad lines with Varennes city mayor! We had 30 volonters, a kiosques of Anciens Combattants Canada, a movie projection and kite making. A great event in peace

USA East


Fl, Ft.Lauderdale >



< for 1sky .. Airelise, NYC, Brooklyn.

flying Saturday at Fernandina Beach FLORIDA


Will be flying in Pensacola FL with the Emerald Coast Kite Flyers Club.

timezone -6   Canada Saskatchewan USA Chicago Dallas Mexico Mexico-City Galapagos CST Central Standard
-Album at Fb.-
Only 4 days left for the phenomenal event "All Saints Day" in GUATEMALA, Traditional Giant Kite Festival. November 1.
When inside the human being manifests itself in a way that acknowledges the life, the beautiful things around you, plants, animals, and children with their innocent and sincere smile say, "we live as if you enjoyed the nature ". More time has passed and our interior says it's time to express ourselves, to raise our voice, to say that we are alive, we strive to be better, always respecting other beings. Water, Fire, Earth and Air, elements that have made it possible to develop in this Art Giant Kite in Guatemala. With the message of peace and friendship to all my friends in the world, I dedicate this we do to create in children a sense of love and respect. Giant kites Sumpango in Guatemala.
Julio Roberto Asturias Chiquitó
USA Central
timezone -7   canada calgary central-usa arizona denver - MST Mountain Standard
USA Mountain

- home of OSOW - -
Denver Colorado -
" World Kite Day. Promoting harmony between people and developing greater respect and awareness for the environment of our planet. Using the kite as a symbol, manifesting the symbiotic relationship between humans and nature. "

- photos denver -

Denver, Colorado,USA's OSOW 2012 was held in conjunction with the Children's Museum of Denver in Gates-Crescent Park on a beautiful and sometimes perfectly windy, fall day. OSOW founder, Jane Parker-Ambrose and Larry Ambrose conducted workshops with parents and children for two weekends prior to World Kite Day teaching kite history, making kites and how to launch. A number of the children from the workshops attended and were excited to see the many kites brought by two members of the Rocky Mountain Kite Association. Especially fun were the "kite ballets" RMKA kiter, "Howie" Bashant to music provided by KGNU radio host, Joe Craighead.
- denver post -

UTAH -photos- (Lory.s.Robinson)
timezone -8   West-Canada Vancouver West-USA Seattle LosAngeles Mexico Tijuana - PST Pacific Standard
USA Pacific

World Kite Museum in Long Beach Washington,
We are doing a kite fly for One World, One Sky on the 13th and 14th of October. I sincerely hope we can share our time and effort with the other fliers around the world. (Chelsea Libby)
timezone -9   USA-Alaska YST Yukon Standard
timezone -10   Hawaii - East-Aleutes
timezone -11   Nome - Phoenix Islands - Western-Samoa - Kiribati - Eniwetok


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