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REPORT. Statements. Feedback. 13 oct 2002
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note from Anne Whitehead
At this stage there were several successful sites here in NZ that flew kites for OSOW. Nelson had a good day and plan to send photos to you. Blenheim also had a busy day and are trying to get photos for you also. Here in Wellington it rained - a spring thing- but our thoughts were there and am trying to find out what other cities had something arranged. Will keep you posted. Steady breezes, Anne Whitehead
mail-in 18 oct

from Robert van Weers
I have just seen the write up in our local paper from Sunday. Great photo and promo for OSOW.
Thanks RVW. Ps I have had a lot of great responses from various NZKA members all around NZ. Next year will be bigger in Blenheim.

mail-in 19 oct CET

pics > photopage 1
timezone +11 - Norfolk Island - Solomon Islands -

- yet no osow kiting activity reports -

timezone +10 - Guam - East-Australia - Tasmania - Papua NewGuinea - SSR-Vladivostok

contribution by Robert Brasington, Tasmania

Spring in Tasmania but still cold and windy. My Osow project for today.
"White Doves of Peace Train" over stormy skys. 16 kites in the train to add to the world list.

Tasmania mail-in sunday 13 oct 07:14 CET

from Queensland Kitefliers Association
members of the Queensland Kitefliers Association flew kites for OSOW. It was held in Spinnaker Park which is part of the Gladstone Marina in Central Queensland, Australia.
The wind was changeable during the day but the display was quite good and attracted a lot of attention. All the best Baz & Gill

mail-in 21 oct CET
timezone +9  - Australia - East-Indonesia - Japan - Korea - SSR-Jakutsk

greetings from Hiroyasu Kawasaki

It also sends One Sky One World this year.
From Hokkaido challenge in Obihiro

Japan mail-in oct 13, 17:14 CET


post from Matsuda (Team Niji)

The situation of OSOW in Japan Hokkaido is sent.
Webpage OSOW Japan Hokkaido

Japan mail-in monday 14 oct 15:28 CET

missing photos !

message from korean art kite assn.
Last OCT 12, and 13. We had kite-flying with boys and girls(250) who are the members of KYA (Korea Youth Association) for world peace. on the Han riverside park in Seoul.
The first day(OCT 12) morning, the wind was very week, so It's very hard to fly kites.
But the 2nd day noon, we could fly kites with good wind.
all the student could fly kites in the blue sky wishing peace on the earth. OCT month is many cultural festival in Korea. but kite fiying chance is very few. Almost kite season is in winter, it's Korean old tradition. But now days anyone who want flying kites can fly their kites no matter. I think you 'll see this E-mail after come back from kite flying. I wish you be happy days with good conditions. sincerely yours

KOREA-S mail-in 15 oct 06:20 CET

pics > photopage 1
timezone +8 China Peking Mongolia Brunei Indonesia Malaysia Philippines Singapore West-Australia

message from Singapore Kite Assn / Wing Lee
Here is a pic from Singapore. Wind condition was rather poor and only a few got airborne. Attach is another pic of Tan SeeLiang featherlight bird train.
Rgds from all of us in Singapore.

Singapore mail-in 13 oct 15:56 CET


message from TWKA
For OSOW, we designed a kite painting and making workshop for the kids. We also had a good weather that day and all the kids were excited as their kites were flying.
The attached files are the photos for the event. Best regards, Angela'

mail-in 21 oct CET

CHINA - missing feedback
INDONESIA - missing feedback... (help bali !)

timezone +7  SSR West-Indonesia West-Malaysia Cambodia Vietnam Hanoi Thailand Lao

contribution by sim sarak, phnom penh

on 13th of october2002 in phnom penh my 15 friends and me flew 5 kites for
one sky one world and for peace. we want peace for all.
very glad to send you some photos of kite we flew on 13th of october for

Cambodia mail-in monday 14 oct 16:53 CET


contribution by Abdul & Siti, kuala lumpur city
Enclose to you the photo of the Malaysian Kite Council President and kite fliers flying kites on the 13th October 2002 osow day. The President launch the kites and also the opening of the annual general meeting of the Malaysian Kite Council. The background of the photo is
the twin tower Kuala Lumpur. Thanks. '
One Sky, One World'
Malaysia mail-in monday 14 oct 18:41 CET

  from ezanee, kuala lumpur bagan lalang beach
We celebrated the OSOW in Kuala Lumpur too.( Bagan Lalang Beach )
I have a photo taken but as I told U earlier it will be quite sometimes to process. A few group of flyers from Malaysia celebrated on that day.
We are supporting the ideas. Let us know the latest update, ezan.
mail-in 19 oct CET

more pics > photopage 1
BRUNEI - missing feedback!


timezone +6 - Cocos Island - Bangladesh - Myanmar - Nepal - Kazakhstan - Usbekistan
NEPAL - missing feedback!
timezone +5 - Turkmenistan Usbekistan Maledives - India - Pakistan - Sri Lanka

contribution by ajay prakash
Here's an article that appeared in the paper. We had over 300 children flying and maybe another 2000 people watching/flying. It was absolutely fabulous. I'll put some picture up soon on my website. But meantime, you could add this short report and the link to the article to the OSOW site. By the way, Congratulations on the UNESCO recognition. Keep up the good work. Ajay
INDIA mail-in 18 oct

  from ashgar belim
nobody can be crazy of kites as i in the world. sorry that my scanner is not working well. but we fly kites daily in our playground. so i will send soon some photos. hussain is in DUBAI and he will come to india on 28 this month. so we send picture soon.
take care, ashgar

mail-in 21 oct
timezone +4  Azerbijan SSR-Volgograd Afghanistan-Kabul UAE Oman Seychelles Mauritius
United Arab Emirates

contribution by andreas agren (sweden)
ort flying session just before sundown in front of the building site of the Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. A local guy took the picture of me flying a Beijing Eagle.
Keep it UP!

United Arab Emirates / Sveden mail-in 13 oct 18:28 CET


timezone +3  - SSR-Moscow Kuwait Saudi-Arabia Iran Irak-Baghdad Ethiopia Kenya Madagascar

kuweit feedback, Ahmad Al-rasheedan
This is me assembling a Genki in the middle of the Kuwaiti desert. Have a great time.
mail-in 18 oct 16:47 CET

more pics > photopage 1

RUSSIA : ? |

timezone +2  Finland Ukraine Lithuania Greece Turkey Egypt Zimbabwe Namibia South-Africa Pretoria

contribution by Jacqui and Greg, Ramsgate, Natal
Hi Guys, OSOW in Marina Beach, Natal , South Africa: Well, we prayed for wind - and boy, did we get it. It was about 40kph consistant wind, that just blasted all day. Humidity was high, so it was a solid wind too. The turnout was great - there were sooooo many locals that haven't flown their kites for years. Single line kites were out of the question. We managed to keep a couple in the sky, just to haul out the line laundry, so it still looked quite good.... till the heavy duty swivels on the spinners burned out through sheer exhaustion. The .. buggy was put through it's paces by everyone with a power kite small enough to handle the winds :-)
..It was an exhillarating day - windswept, sandblasted, but still managed to have great fun!!!
Number of kites in the sky - don't have a clue but imagine that there were between 50 and 100 kiters flying during the course of the day..
I know that there were some other events around the country, so hopefully the guys will contact you soon with details of their events. If you don't hear from them, let us know and we will remind them.
See ya in the sky

S-AFRIKA mail-in 14 oct 20:44 CET

SOUTH-AFRIKA report from Brian Skinner
Hi fellers, Just a little report. A group of us flew kites at Zandvlei, an estuary near Cape Town, South Africa. Present were Dave Moult, Gary, Steve, Tony (of Kites Galore), and Briski (me). Richard Loydell of Kites for Africa was also there and flew a huge flowform and various deltas. He was upwind of me so I did'nt see all that much of him, except when the flowform took one of mine out as he was getting ready to leave. Someone (whose name escapes me) was there flying a nice arch. Mike Goldblatt was there flying his exquisite four-liners, and even tried a one metre rok for a change! I had two flowforms aloft all day, one with a pair of spinning "Bols" (plan on www), the other with a "Spike" (plan on www) and a 1.5m beach ball of my own design. I also had a 6.5 foot delta up high with some light line junk. Then there were the twin one metre roks and various other one metre roks. The wind was OK but I could'nt risk the roks on a tether, preferring to hold the line at all times. This of course affected my ability to go and socialise... Oh, yes! and I flew a few fighters. But the idea was to paint the sky. So I did. I started flying at 10 am and packed up around 16:30, having kites in the air all the while. (big grin) So a great OSOW day's flying was had by those who attended. We were all smiling and thinking: "Peace, dude!"
S-AFRIKA mail-in 15 oct 13:23 CET

unfortunately I was ill on OSOW day. I didn't go to fly or take photos. Sorry. SImo
mail-in 18 oct... we wish you best health! kiters united!


report from Hanan Cohen
A total failure!
We thought of making it a national event but didn't have the time nor energy to do it.
So... I tried to cooperate with a friend who works with the Middle East Children Association so that children, both Israeli and Palestinian will fly kites together from the two sides of the border. We didn't find a safe place to do it. So... I organized a kites workshop on my kibbutz and then planned to fly them Sunday afternoon. The wind didn't move a single milimeter! What can I say? We will learn from the what happend and better prepare next year.
mail-in 21 oct... oh dear hanan, no no not a failure - my personal opinion! maybe these your words are one of the best results in 2002 fly-for-peace activity... i think that many cultures can learn a lot from your borders. [ and for the wind... its not the wind or flight that counts, its the human mind behind. so, thanks for your doings! ]

more pics > photopage 2
UKRAINE - missing feedback!
LITHUANIA - missing feedback!


timezone +1  Sweden Norway France Germany Netherlands Austria Spain Italy Poland Morocco Libia Cameroun Angola

alien peace message - contribution by didier F.


--- -----

--- °°ooo0000¬¬¬¬ -- SEND PICTURE --
@[[°°°--\\\\ Transmission Interrupted

mail-in sat 12 oct 09:40 CET... maybe a little too quick :-)


salutation de manjha club int'l from clermont-ferrand
We were at the Cervolix festival, near Clermont-Ferrand. The festival participate to the OSOW. It was the last game of the French Cup.
mail-in mon 00:04 CET


contribution by osowww-admins + drachensyndikat

kiteflying from dusk till dawn...

aachen -DE-BE-NL- L@N nightfly - friday...monday livestream


meldung aus berlin
Hallo Liebe Freunde! Hier ein Foto von Werner Siebenberg von dem 17. One Sky One World
Drachenfestival in Berlin im Britzer Garten. Leider haben wir die Veranstaltung wegen SCHNEE absagen müssen. Viele Grüsse! Michael Steltzer

mail-in Thu.17oct 15:09 CET
ESPANA contribution from madrid
I send report to One Sky One World in Madrid 13 de Octubre de 2002
Parque Ferial Juan Carlos I Madrid. Call by problems with the fly site has not been made, has been made "a habitual" fly Kiteflyers 40 Not all know one sky one world Kites in the field 200 Kites in the sky 25 spectators 500. osow 2002 madrid webpage I make a link in my page of osow. thanks for your page.

ESPANA mail-in mon 00:04 CET
SWEDEN contribution by andreas agren see: timezone +04 UAE abu dhabi

feedback from Paul Breddels, Groote Keeten
we had our osow event on the
beach at Groote Keeten. We had meeting with our Kite Club Tako Kichi. It was cold for the time of the year.
And the grey sky did not look our kite at the best. But the atmosphere was good. Greetings..

Nederland mail-in 14 oct 21:31 CET


gruiten van rx
uit emmen


message from kiteclub genova
sending three photos about our Osow day, on
Pegli beach, Genoa. It was a lovely day, sunny and windy enough. As you can see also our enormous "geco" could fly with many kites.
A lot of people came to
share with us the peaceful words of OSOW. All the best, good wind to everyboby. Giancarlo, "30 Kiteclub Genova"
Italia mail-in 14 oct 22:38 CET


message from KiteClub of Foligno
It was a great day in
Foligno, Italy. Hundred of kites in the sky have flown for the peace. Since 14 years the "Millepiedi" KiteClub of Foligno organize a kite festival for OSOW, and this year was one of the best edition thanks to the kiters and the wonderful weather of that day. More pics on .tivolivola web
mail-in 16 oct 23:13 CET

NORWAY greetings from sven
Attached you'll find a few pictures from OSOW in Norway.
Greetings from Norway! Despite the cold conditions the field was packed with people and the sky was filled with kites of all kinds. Small SLKs, large SLKs, stuntkites, quads and traction kites were all over the place. For safety reasons (gusty conditions) we unfortunately had to cancel the parafauna and candy dropping. However the candy was handed out by hand so all the kids got their share! Lots of smiles and a good day on the field.
Norway mail-in 14 oct 23:33 CET

message from Århus Drageklub
Sorry about the delay, I have been waiting for some photos to go online.
OSOW in Aarhus, Denmark, went well this year. We had too much wind so only a few kites were in the air for more than a short time. The parafauna dropping and candy bombing were the usual success despite the heavy wind. Some photos can be found here - OSOW aarhus 2002.
Danish text only, "Næste side" = next page
Esben. --- God Vind. Århus Drageklub

mail-in 19 oct CET

more pics > photopage 2
AUSTRIA - missing feedback!
BELGIUM - missing feedback!

SUISSE : ? |

timezone 0  Iceland England London Ireland Portogal Casablanca Mauritania Mali Ghana
BRITAIN message from Evelyn and Tony Ridgway
.. greetings to all. We flew in Lyme Park, Cheshire, England. A total of nine kites which were for the record; a floform bulldog, eddy, conyne delta, two deltas, two softfoils, a prism micron and an indian fighter. The wind was perfect. Good luck to anyone yet to fly!!
England mail-in 13 oct 15:21 CET
no photos yet
feedback from OSOW-UK, jim cronin
Well, OSOW day in the UK was wet!!!! Many events had constant rain - others had no wind, but we managed a reasonable turnout. Have a look on for totals. Sorry, there's no pictures ......
mail-in 19 oct CET
from White Horse Kite Flyers
Attached picture of Vice Chairman of White Horse Kite Flyers launching a box kite at our osow event at Barbury Castle in torrential rain. Even with dreadfull weather 23 people flew 26 kites and parachuted 1 Teddy. Many more kites remained in many more cars. Regards Arthur and The Ted Berets
mail-in 19 oct CET
more pics > photopage 2
timezone -1  Azores Cape-Verde-Islands
- yet no osow kiting activity reports -
timezone -2 - Middle-Atlantic -
- yet no osow kiting activity reports -
timezone -3   East-Brazil Brasilia Argentina Buenos-Aires Surinam Greenland
ARGENTINA contribution by BaToCo / LaLo
We had a wonderfull day!!! Sun , wind, hot. At Batoco flight place, all we stay at Buenos Aires (this is a long weekend in my country, because of America's day) met in Costa Escombro.
see more pics. Best regards LAlo

Argentina mail-in 14 oct 03:28 CET
  from walter sábado congregación más importante de Kitebuggy del cono sur volaron sus velas conmemorando OSOW2002 aprovechando el 4º Buggy Extreme Caramba. Cumpliendo con uno de los objetivos, pilotos Argentinos y Chilenos se aunaron en la propuesta. Saludos Walter Sábado
mail-in 22 oct CET
more pics > photopage 3
timezone -4 Canada Quebec Montreal Venezuela Bolivia Chile Guyana West-Brasil AST Atlantic Standard
CHILE contribution by Cesar Gutierrez
' En Chile se realizaron dos grandes actividades sobre OSOW el dia 11 de Octubre en la ciudad de Curacavi y el dia 13 en Santiago. Te adjunto fotos. Saludos Cesar Gutierrez.
CHILE mail-in Mon.14oct 05:08 CET

saludos de Andrés Gonzalés
Kitebuugy pilots and our kites in Pampa de El Leoncito, Barreal Blanco Argentina.
mail-in Thu.17oct 15:42 CET


greetings from Calixto Rubio
OSOW 2002 in Curacavi.. Best regards Calixto
mail-in 29 oct

pics ?

feedback from OSOW-UCUM Canada web
"canada osow 2002 events" - with 10 osow spots, but reports or links missing. / by phil.

I wait feed back for the events organizers in Canada. When I will receive them, I will put it on the OSOW Canada web site like the way I did since three years. When it will be done I will send you the URL and you will can put it on your Web site. Thank you to help Jane and your great job. Your's truly, Francois Riou. Contact Un ciel, un monde - Canada One Sky One World - Canadian contact
mail-in 19 oct CET


greetings from montreal, robert trepanier
THIS letter arrived by post on sat 19 oct !!!

more pics > photopage 3
BRAZIL - missing feedback!
MARTINIQUE - missing feedback!
timezone -5  Canada Toronto East-USA NewYork Cuba Bahamas Colombia Peru Easter-Island EST Eastern Standard

I still hope awareness of opposition will be raised!
The people speak out. I like the notion that we live in one world under one sky - if everyone went out to fly a kite a mellow sense of community pleasure and interconnection would certainly prevail!
Keep flying. Feed the dream!

Everett B, New York (asia-kite enthusiast)


Florida, St. Augustine kite flyers, Rob Autrey

We had a great OSOW turnout for this St. Augustine Florida event. It was hosted by the St. Augustine kite flyers and Extreme Kites. There were lots and lots of SLK's in the sky ALL day long. With plenty of dual line flying as well. The weather was just about perfect, sunny with 8-12 mph winds that locked in from 11:00am till dark. We had the Jacksonville FL News Ch 4 come out and do some filming as well as ending up on the front page Local newspaper . Thanks to Extreme Kites and everyone who attended. You all made this event one to remember. There were est. about 30-40 or more participants and at least 10,000 spectators thru out the day. Thank you
FLORIDA mail-in Mon.14oct 19:18 CET


Maine, Tony Heeschen
Photo from a damp 13 Oct 2002 in Cape Elizabeth Maine, USA.
MAINE mail-in Wed.16 oct 01:26 CET


Kites Over New England
The kiteflying community in the Northeast part of the USA once again came
out in force to celebrate OSOW 2002. We now have photos online of three
events held here: kone web
- Gore Place, Waltham, MA - Lynn, Nahant, MA - Portland, ME -
Thanks again for having a global website to link all OSOW celebrations.
Regards, Bob Hogan

NEW ENGLAND mail-in Wed.16 oct 17:59 CET


from medellin
We had a great day during OSOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the weather was OK
and a lot of people came to the festival: 5000 spectators and 100 kiteflyers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We paid for the sound and did the announces. The media was very interested but not the government. In any case the objective was to gather many people to unite in one idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
mail-in Thu.17 oct 18:14 CET

more pics > photopage 3
GUATEMALA - missing feedback!

CUBA : ? |

timezone -6  Canada Saskatchewan USA Chicago Dallas Mexico Mexico-City Galapagos CST Central Standard

Message from Mexico-City
We have a greatfull two days in Mexico City, blue sky, sunny and winds
25km/h. KFM-Osow festival 2002. Manolo

mail-in Tue 15oct 16:37 CET

timezone -7  canada calgary central-usa arizona denver MST Mountain Standard

Message from Larry Ambrose, Denver, Colorado
We had more than 10,000 people in Denver this year. Photo's will follow when we have them digitized. Thank for all your great work... Larry Ambrose / Jane Ambrose
Colorado Denver mail-in Mon.14oct 19:02 CET - [ .jpg Denver Post report 219 k ]

"Kites soar with hopes for peace" [article in The Denver Post] "Dozens of colorful kites struggled to stay aloft on a calm afternoon Sunday, as hundreds of people celebrated their hopes for world peace amid the impending threat of war with Iraq..."

timezone -8  West-Canada Vancouver West-USA Seattle LosAngeles Mexico Tijuana PST Pacific Standard
missing photos !

We had 84 sign in at the Long Beach, Washington One Sky, One World.
Washington: World Kite Museum, mail-in Mon.14oct 19:01 CET
Long Beach Peninsula osow-webpage "
..promoting international friendship in a positive demonstration for global cooperation. " - another web (in german)


greetings from steve, canada BC parksville
Here's the link to our OSOW Kite Fly held Sunday, Peace and good winds.
mail-in 15oct 11:54 CET
[ hi elaine, greetingz]
  from ray, vancouver
here is a couple of pictures of our Kites for Peace day at Vanier Park
Canada, it was a great turn out later in the day, I flew from 9am
until 7 pm I was also film by TV... Hope to catch up with you again one of these days... I like your site
GOOD STUFF. Best regards to you and Yours, Ray.
mail-in 21 oct CET

more pics > photopage 3
timezone -9  USA-Alaska YST Yukon Standard
- yet no osow kiting activity reports -
timezone -10  Hawaii - East-Aleutes
- yet no osow kiting activity reports -
timezone -11  Nome - Phoenix Islands - Western-Samoa - Kiribati - Eniwetok
- yet no osow kiting activity reports -

Please mail your pictures of your OSOW 2002 performance to us [ .jpg or .gif ]
Additional words, comment, greetings, reeport welcome!


One sky. One world. One day: 13 oct 2002
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OSOWww 2002 online worldwide simultaneous peacefly
- 69 participations worldwide - 53 "hot spots" - 40 nations -


Other Links about "osow 2002" found by websearch 20 oct 2002. /by phil the websurfer.
One Sky One World - Rougham Airfield on October 13th 2002. 253 kites flown by 63 flyers. Well done to everyone who attended!
 Thorpe Kite Flyers osow-web 2002, Norwich

 One Sky One World Kite Day. Held Sunday 13 October 2002 at Sundorne Playing Fields, Shrewsbury.
This year the event in Shrewsbury was organised by Fred Broadhead. 35 Fliers attended and 66 Kites were flown. It was nice to have a chat and, despite the bad weather, Terence Walker was able to take some photos - in the pavilion!
An article in mumbai times
 BASANT - 'A sky without frontiers' jodhpur kitefest with osow

michigan, Oct. 13 on the beach at Charles Mears State Park in Pentwater taking part in the 17th annual One Sky One World International Kite Fly for peace - oceanas herald journal

Pentwater's 17th Annual "One sky One World" Worldwide Kite Flying Event

 cabrini, pennsylvania
The annual One Sky, One World Kite Festival was held on campus, Sunday, Oct. 6, at the upper athletic field from noon to 4 p.m. This was Cabrini's 13th year doing the event...


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