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"10 oct 2004"

"Don't fly alone.. share it with the world" -

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- no osow activity reports -
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- check out: hiroyasu web osaka ...I was not able to let a kite flight, but a heart is usual OSOW,
I stay in bangkok now, Hiroyasu
OSOW in Japan Hokkaido is carried to the WebSite here: +Axel - matu-take
< 10.OCT.2004 - Sumabeach Hyogo Japan - SportKiteCompetition Club Windfactory Cup, Minoru Watanabe

KOREA   - check out: koreakite web -
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- prep: Pan BoHua, Weifang -

< Hello World Kite Day, Beijing Calling - On a very hazy, windless day in Tienanmen Square, the good people of Beijing enjoyed our simple efforts of raising a kite from the heart in front of the late Chairman Mao's portrait. Kind regards, Steve and Rocky Engel, Beijing
- more photos follow soon !


- ONESKY - prep. activity with taipei county kitefest 2-3 oct 2004 -
- ONESKY activities by TWKA + workshop + + +

SINGAPORE - I'll support again project OSOW as like few past years - gadis widiyati, SKA webpage -
- As usual the wind condition was poor on 10 Oct. We painted a special kite for this occasion. Please post on your web site.
Rgds. Wing Lee
Philippines "3 men nabbed for wanting to fly kites - CREATIVITY can get one arrested.
Three members of the labor group Kilusang Mayo Uno (KMU) were arrested yesterday in Manila after they tried to raise awareness for higher wages by flying kites at the Quirino Grandstand. Edison Malanog, 36; Jose Nefiel, 36, and Joey Eduarte, 33, all residents of Quezon City, were arrested at about 9:30 a.m. while preparing to fly kites bearing their call for a P125 across-the-board wage increase. Western Police District (WPD) officers said the three KMU members did not have a permit for the activity. The three men said they were supposed to hold a symbolic kite-flying at the national park. "We had no intention to hold a rally. We just wanted to fly kites," said Nefiel, while he and the two other suspects underwent investigation at the WPD General Assignments Section." [philippine news oct 11]


timezone +7   SSR West-Indonesia West-Malaysia Cambodia Vietnam Hanoi Thailand Lao

- check out: OSOW kitefly phnom-penh - contact: Sim Sarak, Cheang Yarin - website -
< On 10th of October this year, our team happy to fly Khleng Ek in front of Khmer Kites Museum for OSOW. We fly to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Cambodian kite rebirth (1994-2004)
and for peace all over the world. Regards, Sarak and Yarin


- Last Sunday, 10/10 we were flying at Selangor Polo Club from 1500 till 1700. The wind are not strong enough to take off our kite. However we managed to fly our new sport kite.. - Regards, Windancer Malaysia.


- check out TKA osow page - contact TKA for ONESKY activity! -


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Greetings from India. Yes, we're getting ready for "One Sky One World" again this October. Ajay Prakash, Mumbai

- We at Golden Kite Clu extend full support and co-operation to One Sky. We will definitely be present at your booth in Dieppe for live dialogues. On October 10, I am in Irvine, Los Angeles and I will make it a point to fly traditional Indian kites there. My colleauges will also do the same here in Mumbai, India. We have some of our photographs on our web-site - Golden Kite Club, Dilip Kapadia -

- ONE SKY ONE WORLD ... - in our URDU meaning: "ek aasman ak zamin" - we celebrated OSOW in the public garden, we 15 members gathered and many people passed and watched our kites. we gave them a lecture about osow programme. it was a successful gathering. - Asghar Belim, Aqil Ghouri, Hussain Ghouri, Ibrahim Khan & Sun City Kiteclub, Jodhpur -


< I am with OSOW, and with all people from all over the World who likes kites and the sky.
Alexander Iksanov - - Urals near Ekaterinburg

timezone +4   Azerbijan SSR-Volgograd Afghanistan-Kabul UAE Oman Seychelles Mauritius
AFGHANISTAN   the situation in afghanistan is still "difficult"... herewith our KABUL-kitepage as contribution to all afghan people working for peace by dialogue -
timezone +3   - SSR-Moscow Kuwait Saudi-Arabia Iran Irak-Baghdad Ethiopia Kenya Madagascar
timezone +2   Finland Ukraine Lithuania Greece Turkey Egypt Zimbabwe Namibia South-Africa Pretoria

- Here in Cape Town, South Africa I flew kites for peace from 01:00 to 16:40 and enjoyed every minute! ... Many children and their parents and grandparents enjoyed the show. The most common question is about the price / value of the kites. People were amazed that I do not sell kites. I fly kites to bring smiles to the faces of the little children. Many thanks to Beryl, Ashley and Marie for their company on the beach. Kites flown were a Pilot; an American Flowform (thanks Harald Prinzler for the plans); Aeroplane
(thanks Dave Holt for the plans); flag and a delta. Line decorations flown were: 2 X frogs, 4 X fish, 4 X ducks, spinning ring, 4 X bols and a 4ft beach ball. Ashley flew a 2.2 metre Baybuster stunt kite with 25 metre rainbow tube tail. It really makes a good display. May you forever have peace. Briski


- Shalom, this year, OSOW in israel will take place in october 4th, because we a have a jewish holiday then. like last year, the participants will be from (Arab) kafr Meiser and (Jewish) kibbutz Metzer. At last, pictures here - Best, Hanan Cohen.

TURKEY - We are a kite club from Turkey . You can find the pictures from our event here.
Good winds, Halit CEBECI, Istanbul/Turkey. - club webpage -
Is glad, that I have made it. In Dnepropetrovsk (Ukraine) we have conducted OSOW-day very well. I and my wife Tanya - teachers. Many time is spent with children. We for the first time participated in this year in OSOW. But kites we build for a long time. We spend the workshops and Kite festival "Smiles in the sky" in 2000, 2002, 2003 years. Best regard, Serg Dulenko

For OSOW, we went to Raouche and flew a bunch of Bali kites. Even Daily Star and a television were there, but I could not get the article and the TV reportage... sami (beirut)


timezone +1   Sweden Norway France Germany Netherlands Austria Spain Italy Poland Morocco Libia Cameroun Angola

- Festival de CerfVolants " cervolix " -
< ONE.SKY activity with kitefest dieppe (preps 11-19 sept) -

- No kite this week-end, it's too rainly in North of France
BUT a new wind music composition for OSOW - didier f. >

- Drachenfestival Berlin, Britzer Garten
- Drachenflugtag "One Sky One World" Brochterbeck -
- OSOW Fliegen Hannover Kronsberg (Allmende) -
< OSOW Flugtag in Wuppertal auf dem Scharpenacken ab 14.30h
- OSOW Leipzig Erdmannshain an der Rehaklinik info -

< the ONESKY webworking crew did a wonderful excursion to belgium - it was a great sunny day - webpage testout :-)

- cervolistes transfrontiere europienne keeping UP! >
greetings from
east belgie !

Last weekend we have invited some kite friends in Zeebrugge (Belgium) as a kind of osow 2004. > You can find pictures on our website - Michel Depuijd


- OSOW 10oct.2004 - Schloss Hof - pics aus 2003 -

Hi! fotos from the OSOW in Schloßhof from Nick James and collaction >
- love - and peace (of course) -

< ... Fotos von OSOW (Austria) dieses Jahr auf der Schloßterasse auf Schloß Hof...
Gerhard und Daniela - Unsere Bildergalerie 2004 ist fertig...
und.. Auch Jan hat seine schon fertig...


< Hi, Hereby i send pictures of the dutch OSOW event at Oostvoorne. The atmophere was great. The weather good we had sun the whole day so there were lots of spectators. The rest of the pictures are here. Greetings Paul Breddels , Evelien Lesterhuis.
- Here in Amsterdam we went to the famous Amsterdam's Bos (Amsterdam Woods) close to The City Centre and flew our Tiger and Rainbow Kites for 'One Sky One World'. Feeling close to all kite flyers worldwide, the sky and the wind sets us free, yet brings us together, we all feel the same wind. We represented three nationalities, Russian, Swiss and English feeling the breeze at the Crossroads of Europe. Our Tiger Kite was flown this year over Lake Baikal close to Irkutsk in
deepest Siberia down by the Mongolian border, an early OSOW happening.
Zhenya Machtalir, Freed Schmitter, Christopher Leather.




- .. we are preparing our 4° OsoW day in Genoa Pegli. -
< - Also in this year 2004, when Genoa is European Culture Capital, we could spend a nice and peaceful day with a lot of peaceful people. - thanks a lot, Giancarlo Gisotti, "30 Kite Club Genova" -

- Caro... cerchero di darti alcune indicazioni del nostro festival
Siamo arrivati alla sedicesima edizione di ONE SKY ONE WORLD e come sempre parteciperanno oltre duecento aquilonisti italiani e molti europei
Ti allego la foto del nostro manifesto e molte altre notizie e foto le puoi trovare nel sito
spero che riesci a tradurre quello che ti ho scritto. Giovanni, Foligno -
- Vi invio un messaggio postato da Ludovico bertozzi in merito alla festa di One Sky One Word che si terra in provincia di brescia ma vi voglio ricordare che il 9 e il 10 ottobre si vola a Foligno nella tradizionale festa organizzata dal gruppo millepiedi di Foligno e per informazioni vi potete rivolgere a Giovanni Angelini , mentre il 10 di ottobre si vola anche a Genova per la stessa manifestazione 30 Kite Club Genova
Le occasioni per volare non mancano e pertanto speriamo di rivedervi tutti idealmente nei campi di volo, noi saremo presenti a Foligno.
cordiali saluti e a tutti buon volo - giuseppe cacozza - Geometrie Volanti -
- Ciao Giuseppe sono Ludovico mi farebbe piacere se tu potesi pubblicizzare un po l'evento che gli aquilonisti Bresciani stanno organizzando per One Sky One Word (hanno già chiamato Giovanni e contattato gli americani quindi nessun problema) e nel quale sarà presente un nostro staff.
Ti do qualche info:
Festa di Aquiloni - Un Solo Mondo un Solo Cielo
Botticino Sera - BS - Italia
- In occasione di One Sky One Word gli amici Aquilonisti Bresciani capitanati da Salvatore "Turi" Leonardi organizzano una giornata di aquiloni in collaborazione con Settimo Cielo Aquilonisti presso i campi di via Prati località Trattoria Cascina Nuova a partire dalle ore 10 fino alle 18. Si svolgeranno esibizioni, volo libero, laboratorio di costruzione per bambini e ragazzi, volo dei giganti, lancio delle caramelle, giochi con gli aquiloni e merenda. - Per informazioni chiamate Salvatore 328-5727748
< 10 october 2004 - Bergamo - Italy - Here is my contribute for the bigest world of kiteflyers and my personal contribute for your special world of Kites. Alejandro Guzzetti -

ESPANA Fotos de O.S.O.W. 2004 en el VII festival de Vitoria-Gasteiz (España)
Los niños y el publico asistente al festival escribió en cintas sus mensajes de paz y estos fueron elevados al cielo con una Rokkaku OSOW perteneciente al Club Comevientos de Madrid (España).

Mas fotos del festival en y en
Un saludo, A.D.C. Comevientos, Madrid - Spain
SWEDEN I have flied one of my feather kites today and sharing the wind with all of my friends around the planet. I attach a photo from today 041010 with my kite. The photo shows my “back yard” on Gotland. Friendly regards Johan Hallin

- World Kite Day in Nigeria - We are indeed more excited with your acceptance of our intent to join "One Sky One World" (OSOW), more so as we put Nigeria on the world map of 'Peace, Love, Harmony, and Protection of the Environment' through kiting! - Kuramo Kiteflyers Network - timi simpson -
- Did we have fun! Did we get Lagosians to think about the environment and peace!! God bless Ms. Jane Parker Ambrose (JPA). The rain nearly played a fast one on us here in Lagos. We were lucky that we set out for two locations (thanks for approving!). The Kuramo Beach, which was our prime location was under heavy rain down pour. Luckily for us the second location at the National Stadium Surulere called to let us know what fun they were having and the Kuramo location group moved over there to start a near Kite Carnival!. We dedicated the day to our kids. We let them know that war is violent and is not the answer and can never be the answer to challenges and differences of positions. We however focused back home in Nigeria where the Niger Delta youths were up in arms threathening may hem and thanked our responsible leadership that dialogued with the misguided youths to avert another crisis. Also, we got the kids to change the face of Lagos from having an image of an unclean environment to the Lagos of three decades ago, where ballance in the ecology and a clean environment was a task for everybody. We shall be sending you pictures of the day. Again, thanks and God Bless you and all Peace Loving People of the World! - Timi Simpson, Kuramo Kiteflying Network


- das "allgemeine dänische OSOW" Treffen findet in diesem Jahr in Aarhus statt.
Interessenten können sich hier informieren - Viele Grüsse Ralf
- As the previous years Aarhus Kiteclub arranges a OSOW fly at Tangkrogen, Aarhus, DK from 11:00 - 16:00. - God Vind - Århus Drageklub
- One-sky flyvning Århus - Skulle du have glemt det, er det på søndag der er One-sky flyvning på Tangkrogen i Århus kl.1100. Det ser ud til passende vind. Her er en vind fra øst drageflyverens trøst.
Paul - (dk.fritid.drager) -
- Så er der lige lidt billeder online fra One Sky One World 2004 Aarhus - 1 - 2 -


- merci pour votre mesage - zamir mati, tirane -
(photo tirana march 2004)

MAROC   - prep: club marocaine du cerf-volant, RABAT, c/o Adil el Oufir -
- magreb is sleeping cause ramadan - big kiss, louis -
NORWAY   - prep: c/o Sven Arnesen - -oslo norge 1 - - Here you can find a few pictures and a wery short summary of a close to windless OSOW in Oslo, Norway
SUISSE   - One Sky One World, Drachenfest Schachen, Aarau -
- - check out: drachenclub schweiz, web -
timezone 0   Iceland England London Ireland Portugal Mauritania Mali Ghana

- OSOW - GB website -
- I .. will continue to submit our results via Jim Cronin. If we get any good pictures on the day I will forward them direct. Arthur and The Ted Berets, White Horse Kite Flyers, BMISS
- west suffolk, Rougham Airfield OSOW Kites For Peace
- Just got back from a very blustery fly-in. Never thought the wind would be too strong. luck to the rest of the World. - Tight lines -
Tony Ridgway - The Rainbow Flyer England >

< White Horse Kite Flyers recorded 20 people flying a total of 37 kites at Barbury Castle (Berkshire UK) and even Dave Robinson managed to get one up so fast it missed the photograph.


- Here you have some pic's of the beach where we will organize the OSOW 2004 .
- , José Oliveira
- Cláudio- Voar baixinho, is going to organize the OSOW, in a new place .
Mário de Cravalho will organize another festival in Alcochete, so we will have here in Portugal 2 places with Osow festivals.
- This year the O.S.O.W. will take place, randomly, in several Portuguese locations (Guincho, Figueira da Foz and Leiria) where several kiters will gather. I’m going to stay in a beach called “Praia dos Moínhos” in Alcochete which is the place where we organize, every year, our International Kite Festival. Sincerely, Mário De Carvalho - areventos / Papagaios (Clube de Portugal) Carlos Soares Gil Papagaios
< we did OSOW 2004, it was very windy and rainy....see our group.... Mário de Carvalho
- OSOW PT is in the Center of the country more properly in S. Pedro de Moel - Old Beach, and as
well as in the whole world goes itself to carry through during all the day. - localization - photo of the beach - See you Cláudio Fonseca (comp. transl.)
< - ... photos of 18º OSOW in Portugal - Leiria - S. Pedro de Moel with the presence of many friends of the Wind that had been joined one more time to cher moments of good disposal and clearly to fly kites. Event marked for the folloied forts rain that if had made to feel to the long one of the day of strong gusts, but exactly thus at the calm moments still gave All to fly a little on this day
World-wide of the kites.
- Cláudio Fonseca

timezone -1   Azores Cape-Verde-Islands
timezone -2   - Middle-Atlantic -
timezone -3   East-Brazil Brasilia Argentina Buenos-Aires Surinam Greenland

< The World Kite Day is a wonderful moment to celebrate the peace and harmony in the world. We fly kites every day, but, the World Kite Day is really special... Let's celebrate the kites every day! Best Regards from your Brazilian friends, Ezequiel and Juliana Sao Paulo -

- " In Brasilia there are conditions to organize a small OSOW. Bestregards Mário De Carvalho. areventos-papagaois clube de Portugal

Hello, Antonio Augusto vento-de-pipa from Brazil, Rio de Janeiro - >


- Last weekend we were with Batoco and El Fabuloso Team at Rosarios's kite Festival. The most important event of Argentina. Tomorrow we will meet with Batoco and we will plan what are we going to do for OSOW 2004. - LAlo Loescher, Gustavo Sonzogni, Buenos Aires -
- A summary from BaToCo in Argentina, regarding OSOW 2004 activities:
We prepared a “petit” brochure to print or send by email promoting Osow on October 10. If you like to download: - doc - - pdf -
Additionally we have post it at : there the visitor can read all the info about the event and the links to related OSOW websites, the photo gallery and instructions to make a simple kite.
During this month we have attended many kite workshops in schools of the City of Buenos Aires: we have been talking with the school community regarding the ideas of OSOW and inviting them to participate in the kite flying. Next week we have two workshops, and we are planning to do the same.
It is spring time in Buenos Aires, so we hope to have good weather and winds for our kite meeting: we are planning to start at 10 in the morning.
People of other cities are organizing local kites events for that date: Corrientes, Tucumán, Cafayate, Córdoba, San Juan, Bariloche, Rosario, San Julian.
Finally, a better photo gallery for the Osow 2003 -
- We have opened a special e-mail to receive all the pictures from Argentina's OSOW 2004 and they will be published ASAP in -
- The weather forecast for today was "...rain, no wind, horrible" but like a Osow miracle, it was a beautiful day, a lot of people flying their kites and a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere.
Gracias a todos quienes volaron sus barriletes y promovieron los ideales de paz, tolerancia y entendimiento. -
Gustavo - BATOCO OSOW main - OSOW photo gallery 2004 -
- City:
Corrientes - Club de Barriletes Cielos del Taragui
Osow 2004 en Corrientes se desarrolló con normalidad. Si bien el pronóstico del tiempo era malo, el día amaneció un poco nublado y cuando avanzaban las horas el sol salió en todo su esplendor. El viento nos acompañó, era del sur, continuo y bueno. En horas de la mañana nos acompañaron muchas familias, que respondieron a la invitación oficial de hacer volar a partir de las 10 de la mañana.
Un abrazo grandísimo,
” Omar Tróccoli - photos de corrientes -
- City: Cafayate – Salta - Grupo WICHAY
El cielo de Cafayate también compartió su color con los cielos del mundo. Con el grupo de vuelo Wichay nos reunimos el domingo a remontar nuestros barriletes. Fue una tarde de sol y mucho viento, cuando digo mucho es mucho, tanto viento que solo pudimos volar las cometas mas pequeñas y resistentes, y quedaron guardadas varias de nuestras cometas para estrenar, de todas maneras fue una tarde gratificante al saber que en otros lugares del planeta había gente reunida como nosotros. Un
saludo grande a todos.
” Pablo Guantay
- Estimados Todos, Hemos recibido numerosos elogios y agradecimientos por las fotografías incluidas en la página de BaToCo: nos alegra y nos alienta.
En rigor de verdad,
debemos agradecer a todos quienes construyen barriletes, los vuelan, promueven la actividad, se involucran en talleres y barrileteadas, intercambian información, y participan desde sus posibilidades aportando y haciendo cosas. Si no fuera por ellos, no habría demasiado para publicar en la página… - Espero lo disfruten, y gracias nuevamente a todos ! Gustavo (BaToCo)

timezone -4   Canada Quebec Montreal Venezuela Bolivia Chile Guyana West-Brasil AST Atlantic Standard

- Hello, I write from Chile, I belong to a club of kites called Hunters of the Air, we are insert in one of the seven associations that exists in the country called AVOCHILE, 78 clubs of kites exist at national level.
We will participate in Chile in the ONE SKY ONE WORLD - 2004 (October 10, 2004).
The information so that they transmit it in the web:
Caletera Poniente de la carretera Gral. San Martín (Camino antiguo a Colina) Frente a la Casona San Ignacio. San Martín (Camino antiguo a Colina) Frente a la Casona San Ignacio.
My best respects to all you and thank you for everything that makes, Victor Ali -

timezone -5   Canada Toronto East-USA NewYork Cuba Bahamas Colombia Peru Easter-Island EST Eastern Standard

- Here are .. photos from OSOW today in Massachusetts, USA. Please post
them on the web site as you see fit. Thanks, Glenn

sept 2004 flood relief: “Assistance to the Victims" - donate now! - UNO - americas - paho - redcross -

- "Hola, desde colombia, envio photos del proyecto aires de paz" Richard Cruz

timezone -6   Canada Saskatchewan USA Chicago Dallas Mexico Mexico-City Galapagos CST Central Standard
MEXICO - Este 10 de Octubre de 2004 conmemora al igual que en muchas partes del planeta, el dia mundial de la Paz, VOLANDO UN PAPALOTE. Volemos cometas para la paz, la difusión de la cultura, el entendimiento y la tolerancia Mundia. kite jose -
- Of course we have plans to make the Mexican "World Kite Day". Firstly we are promotioning the nature of the celebration The World Peace, tolerance and understanding.
Our data base of kiters from all over the Mexicos Republic are receiving the information about it. We are planing to fly in Los Jales de Pachuca, State of Hidalgo. We will start to send you picts as soon as came to us. Best Winds Manolo.
- Les invitamos a Conmemorar el DIA MUNDIAL DEL PAPALOTE VOLANDO POR LA PAZ MUNDIAL, LA TOLERANCIA Y EL ENTENDIMIENTO de la humanidad. Este evento se ha realizado año con año en todo el mundo y Mexico participa con la ayuda de todos nosotros por 3er año consecutivo. La naturaleza del evento es volar un papalote por la PAZ del Mundo Este domingo 10 de Octubre hay que salir a volar papalotes, sean clasicos, acrobaticos, de traccion, en AGUA o Tierra.
Los que quieran acompañarnos este 10 de Octubre por este medio les avisaremos donde sera la volada. Revivamos la esperanza en nosotros - Volemos hoy un papalote!! Saludos Manolo
- check above link = php OSOW forum de mexico - lengua española !!
- Despues de dias de intensas lluvias, la manana del dia OSOW el 11 de Octubre en el Centro de Mexico, fue timidamente iluminada por el sol. El transcurrir del dia fue con un clima que mejoraba hora tras hora con un viento calido de 20kms/h, suficiente para pasarla de lo mas bien volando nuestros papalotes en compañia de buenas amigos donde la amistad mejora dia a dia. Al siguiente dia las lluvias regresaron.
La naturaleza fue benevola con nosotros y con el dia OSOW por la paz
. >>>

GUATEMALA   prep: c/o Kite Coyote - ?

- We will also fly our kites during OSOW. Troy Gunn - TKO Sportkite Team (Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma and Oregon)

timezone -7   canada calgary central-usa arizona denver - MST Mountain Standard

- denver, co - 19th Annual One Sky One World Kite Fly "World Kite Day" -
c/o Jane Parker-Ambrose
- OSOW 2004 denver press release see textpool -

osow denver 2004
village diagram >

timezone -8   West-Canada Vancouver West-USA Seattle LosAngeles Mexico Tijuana - PST Pacific Standard
One Sky, One World Kite Carnival - Long Beach Peninsula, WA - October 9-10, 2004
timezone -9   USA-Alaska YST Yukon Standard
- yet no osow kiting activity reports -
timezone -10   Hawaii - East-Aleutes
- yet no osow kiting activity reports -
timezone -11   Nome - Phoenix Islands - Western-Samoa - Kiribati - Eniwetok
- yet no osow kiting activity reports -

report 2004 oct 10

>> photopage 1 - arabia, asia, oceania
>> photopage 2 - europe, africa
>> photopage 3 - americas


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