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timezone +12   - newzealand - tonga - fiji - tuvalu - marshall - SSR-kamchatka
- no osow activity reports -
timezone +11   - Norfolk Island - Solomon Islands -

- no osow activity reports -

timezone +10   - Guam - East-Australia - Tasmania - Papua NewGuinea - SSR-Vladivostok
TASMANIA Isabella J. von Lichtan - Kite Flyers of Tasmania - an event will occur in Tasmania as part of OneSky OneWorld - Members from the Kite Flyers of Tasmania will be flying from 2 - 4pm at Meecroft Park, Devonport, Tasmania, Sun 9 Oct. - -
timezone +9   - Australia - East-Indonesia - Japan - Korea - SSR-Jakutsk

< October 9 - OSOW Fly Hokkaido Obihiro City Satsuti river - Team Niji --

--- Yumiko, TeamAile - today's at the biggest lake in Japan (Shiga prefecture) >

- Japan, Team +Axel with OSOW - -

- José A Pérez - Camp Schwab Education Center - I would like to register ABOVE THE ROCK in this years One SKY ONE WORLD kite fly. We will be flying on Roberts Fields on Okinawa, JAPAN "Inspiring Generations to Learn for a Lifetime" - -

- I am in Bangkok - the heart is always with OSOW ! >
Hiroyasu Kawasaki - OSAKA

< The day is 9 (sun.) Oct. - I know it, the day is One Sky One World memorial day. Lucky, on our sky, come to blow the good wind, after big rain. Kite Festival in Shirone - Niigata JAPAN - Shirone O-Dako(kite) Museum - Hiromi Endo -

- web report about OSOW Lake Biwa, in japanese -

KOREA OSOW contact > see web koreakite . - -
timezone +8   China Peking Mongolia Brunei Indonesia Malaysia Philippines Singapore West-Australia
SINGAPORE < SKA Singapore Kite Association, OSOW 2005 fly. --
(admin comment: wheeps, a sky of palmtrees !)
timezone +7   SSR West-Indonesia West-Malaysia Cambodia Vietnam Hanoi Thailand Lao
CAMBODIA To join OSOW 2005, we spent 3 days to make school children in Kampot (Oct10, 05) , Kep (Oct11, 05) and Takeo (Oct12, 05) provinces how to make kite and took them to fly kites. They are very happy to fly kites together.
It was educational activity on kite. - Sim Sarak and Cheang Yarin --
i am very sorry for not sending photo to u but i will sent out by next week.
Very busz .. now, i am at Praque n be back to Kuala Lumpur this week end.
OSOW. - regards, danny lau - Windancer Malazsia --
THAILAND < inflateble bridled Kite : " Letter of Peace Via Sky Mail " -
"One Sky One World" - From Smajcha Niyomsilpa, Bangkok -
Thailand Kitefliers Association - TKA osow page - --
timezone +6   - Cocos Island - Bangladesh - Myanmar - Nepal - Kazakhstan - Usbekistan
- from news headlines:
"Changa Chait 2062 - Paper birds in the sky - At the height of 7500 ft, all the ..competitors tried their best to cut each other's kite. With the theme, 'one sky, one world, fly for peace,' this second round of Changa Chait competition declared another 7 semi-finalists for the final round. ... - news kantipur - -

- I'm back from a trip in Uzbekistan, and could find a couple of infos about local kite flying.
They call them "varrak", and fly in Spring, Mars/April. Two kinds -
and the only pictures I could take: one kite tangled in electrical lines, the other one used by a kid.
You're welcome if you add that short data in the
Kite Matrix. B/, Nicolas Chorier (France) - >

timezone +5   - Turkmenistan Usbekistan Maledives - India - Pakistan - Sri Lanka

- we flew kites in culcatta. and there we celebrated duga pooja,
  and i hope to send you some photoes soon, regards . asghar belim, jodhpur

- kite education: news story from new delhi 10 oct -

- earthquake disaster by oct.08 - HELP NOW !
timezone +4   Azerbijan SSR-Volgograd Afghanistan-Kabul UAE Oman Seychelles Mauritius

- kite story, BBC june 2005 "Conflict diaries: kitemaker Mohammed Naim.."

timezone +3   - SSR-Moscow Kuwait Saudi-Arabia Iran Irak-Baghdad Ethiopia Kenya Madagascar
timezone +2   Finland Ukraine Lithuania Greece Turkey Egypt Zimbabwe Namibia South-Africa Pretoria

- Shalom, Yesterday, 21 oct, the OSOW event took place in Israel. We did it on this day because it was more suitable to the Jewish and Arab holidays. Kids from Kafr Meiser and Kibbutz Metzer made kites and flew them together as part of the One Sky One World events.
See photos here - All the best, Hanan Cohen --

SOUTHAFRICA Here in Cape Town we flew for peace and passers-by enjoyed the show.. Children were encouraged to play with the ground toys and enjoy themselves. All the kites are made.. mostly from plans found on the internet. If you have not visited our city you can see from these pictures the mountain overlooking the sea. Best wishes until next year! - Ashley and Briski - --

< Please find our event's pictures - Good winds, Halit CEBECI - The meeting point of the Turkish kite fliers --

-- We are Istanbul Kite Flyers Association from Turkey -
This year we also make our first osow event on 9 of october - web - photos -

timezone +1   Sweden Norway France Germany Netherlands Austria Spain Italy Poland Morocco Libia Cameroun Angola

- cet activite il est passe deja en ville de Pogradec ,ou borde de laque de OHRI en ALBANIE >
 merci - Zamir.Mati - web - -

AUSTRIA < OSOW in Schloss Hof / Marchfeld. - we had a nice day in schloßhof - this year Jimmy Sampson and Nick James (England) were joining us. -
ste. + Gerhard & Daniela - - > photos -
- Hi, Nick here, I made an installation for people to put their wishes for the next year and OSOW and their were 60 wishes on this ' Wish Catcher'...hope your OSOW went well - -

< - web-team kitefly in euregio .BE.DE.NL three frontiers area
& online live report - aachen / maastricht / liege .  
3 countries fly, 3 borders crossing... greetings kisa. / tomm.

- photoalbum - "hey, whatta great SKY today !" >


- OSOW Dänemark war in diesem Jahr in Kopenhagen. Leider ein wenig Regen am Nachmittag, ansonsten aber richtig nett und gut besucht. Bilder gibts hier - Gruss Ralf - -
- Sjællands Drageklub - pictures from OSOW here - André Høstrup - -

- osow in aarhus web - -

ESPANA - Parque Garaio, Vitoria - check web for osow -
< ramlal tien (france) "Yellow one in Euskadi last week-end for OSOW." - pics -

-- Bonjour ... Woooooorld ! Some leaves of the tree peace are flying in the sky .... Didier Ferment >

- Sandrine, - find the results of the operation
  "Cerfs-Volants Solidarité Asie" on our Web site, heading "News".


KÖVESSI Zsolt - "the Romanian & Hungarian equivalents of OSOW":
- HU: egy égbolt, egy világ - - RO: un cer, o lume
- OSOW Magyarország 2005 web . - sarkanyok web OSOW "Egy Ég Egy Világ"

- Hi World ! We are the hungarian kitefliers ! We send greetings for you !
So...go to see some pictures on our webpages: - web.1 - web.2 -


-gruppo aquilonisti brescia - we confirm the second edition of the day " one sky one world " the next 9 october 2005 in Botticino near Brescia in italy localita' campo di via molino prati.- -

- - 30 kite Club - Genoa - working hard to prepare a big osow festival for peace. Giancarlo >

NEDERLAND - We held our OSOW-Planetworks kite fly at the coast beside the North Sea at Zandvoort, Netherlands. We had blue skies and sunshine connecting us with the Planet making for a very happy day beside the
sea. The seas are all connected and brought us closer worldwide on this very special of flying days. See you next year! Freed Schmitter, Zhenya Machtalir, Simsa Cho (Kasema Shinji) and Christopher Leather.
NORWAY < Oslo Stuntkite Osow - aerialis webreport - - photos --
-- On Sunday 9th October 2005 the children and teachers from Palace of Youth in Warsaw will participate in One Sky One World. - Andrzej Muzaj - photos >>
timezone 0   Iceland England London Ireland Portugal Mauritania Mali Ghana

< 20 members of White Horse Kite Flyers spent the weekend in Swindon (UK) taking part in a kite making workshop taught by Robert Brasington (Tasmania). Several members tried their kites on the school grounds whilst others tried them out on their way home. --

-- The Lyme Park Kite Flyers, England, Evelyn, Mary, Lois, Brian, Mark, Ian and Tony flew in good wind and sunshine. Good luck to the rest of the flyers. - Tony - >

- Scottish Power Kite Association - Keith Haynes - St Andrews
  Love the Idea have flown on the day for the last 3 years --
- UK OSOW event web . - -
- Pontefract One Sky One World 2005 - album -
- Rufford Abbey album -

PORTUGAL - osow Portugal-Beach the Alcochete-Praia dos Moinhos - Organization-Gilpapagaios e Areventos
Carlos Soares e Mário de Carvalho - It rained a lot on the 9th Ocotber, but we celebrated OSOW
anyway. - Carlos and Mario --
timezone -1   Azores Cape-Verde-Islands
timezone -2   - Middle-Atlantic -
timezone -3   East-Brazil Brasilia Argentina Buenos-Aires Surinam Greenland
- Buenos Aires, BATOCO OSOW web
- Also in this year 2005, in Buenos Aires, we could spend a nice and peaceful day  enjoying the sun, sharing the sky and feeling close to all kite flyers worldwide. --
- Gustavo, from Buenos Aires, Club BATOCO - see more in planet.kite.

- Sylvia Regina Perroud de Souza "My research is focalized about: shows, festivals,events for society masses to help and promove the cultural diversity." - I talked to Silvio Voce, he asked me to send you his site - -

-- That the wind exists without pollution, so that it continves existing wind - >
Antonio Augusto, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Team "vento de pipa"

timezone -4   Canada Quebec Montreal Venezuela Bolivia Chile Guyana West-Brasil AST Atlantic Standard
CHILE - A group of friends from were flying kites in the "Algarrobo Beach" in Chilean coast. Another part of this group were flying in Santiago, in a small spot located in "Colina". Stunt Kites, Traction Kites and buggys.
Andrés Esteban González - Member of Kitesantiago Club --
timezone -5   Canada Toronto East-USA NewYork Cuba Bahamas Colombia Peru Easter-Island EST Eastern Standard
CANADA East   - osow Varennes, Quebec (Montreal), web - michel gagnon - -

- Jorge Beltran, "2600 kite team" Bogota - We will celebrate the OSOW here in Bogota. We will have a megateam in Bogota and also we will fly white single line kites. I am sending a t-shirt picture that we will use on october 9/2005.
- OSOW 2005 - Bogotá - 50 pictures more --



(Lalo Loescher, Argentina): I invite you to know a special kite team, a group of young men that loves sport kiteflying a lot, even they have little possibilities of good materials to make their kites.
They are from Cuba and you probably know how hard things could be in Cuba. I pray you to read the whole interview in Kitelife Magazine last issue and do not forget to drop these charm guys a mail. They are anxious of new friends from all countries. They will have for the first time in Cuba a stunt kites competition this Saturday and they will continue demostrations on Sunday because of OSOW 2005.
- Casiopeia Team contact

We arrived to San Antonio de los Baños City (SW from La Habana) at 9:00 o'clock. It was a sunny day.
Wind: None. At 11:00 o'clock wind begun to blow a breeze of 10 km/h, students from the school of Cinema arrived and they begun to rise the lightest static kites. Then, with blasts a little stronger from time to time, we attempted to fly in team; it was not a complete failure but the results were not the best.
A piñata was coupled to a Rokkaku; this made the delights of the children. A little competition with acrobatic kites is carried out and all the people enjoyed it a lot. We conclude the day's activity with a deep burn because of the sun and with desires that next year wind will blow higher.
Casiopeia Team - --


- Dorchester, MA - "East Meets West Kite and Cultural Festival 2005" >
- info english .doc - info chinese .doc --

< Photos from the International Kite Festival in Niagara Falls, NY on 10/9/05 - One of my favorite photos is the one that shows how to bridle a car. (smile) -
- Niagara falls kite history : building bridges --

- Charles Mears State Park, Pentwater, Michigan, USA - "..They flew octopus kites and laughed and laughed and laughed. I have no idea what they were laughing about, but they made a bad wind day wonderful." - Kites are merely a vehicle that cause people to spend quality time together - Mike Castor, Air Fun Kites

timezone -6   Canada Saskatchewan USA Chicago Dallas Mexico Mexico-City Galapagos CST Central Standard

- flooding disaster by hurricane stan - HELP NOW !

- Festival de Barriletes (Cometas), Gigantes de Santiago Sacatepéquez. Guatemala C. A.
  Un festival unico que entrelaza tradición y cultura. Este se llevará a cabo los días 1 y 2 de noviembre.
  Rafael Coyote Tum y Marco Antonio Coyote, Kite Coyote --


< Rainy days in Mexico's Skyies does not stop us... great osow days all the year !!!
   manolo, PapalotesAndKites team --

- flooding disaster by hurricane wilma - HELP NOW !


- - Kansas City Kiteclub - OSOW Fly web - Bethel Park, Columbia, Missouri - report missouri news - >

- La Vista, Nebraska - one sky kitefest newsstory -

timezone -7   canada calgary central-usa arizona denver - MST Mountain Standard

- home of OSOW - see web - Denver Colorado -

- Denver OSOW site - we were unfortunately rained out about 1 PM. For Denver this was the first time in 20 years. The infamous George Peters that attended the event said "it must be another kitefly". Apparently he attends kite festivals all over the world and encounters rain quite frequently. The tribute and 12:00 pm festivities are always the momentuous part of the day, with blessings and a 400 peace bird release. We were fortunate to at least be able to conduct this ceremony and send special blessings and good wishes out to our world wide community. --

timezone -8   West-Canada Vancouver West-USA Seattle LosAngeles Mexico Tijuana - PST Pacific Standard
CANADA - We had our OSOW fly today at Parksville on Vancouver Island, BC Canada. Around a dozen people flew kites on a rather cool, grey and blustery day. - a few pics here - All the best wishes, Steve . --
timezone -9   USA-Alaska YST Yukon Standard
timezone -10   Hawaii - East-Aleutes
timezone -11   Nome - Phoenix Islands - Western-Samoa - Kiribati - Eniwetok

report 2005 - "photopages" in progress...

>> photopage 1 - arabia, asia, oceania
>> photopage 2 - europe, africa
>> photopage 3 - americas
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