OSOW one sky one world kiteflying worldwide online

how to get started? what to do?

OSOW activity samples

the first
OSOW proclamation
of 1985
on osow-Denver webpage >


fly your kites individual
and transport the idea of OSOW
you can do it just for yourself, but we invite you to share it with others in words or picture.
aint't it much more thrill if you exchange it with kitefliers from a country half around the planet?


organise a local
OSOW kiteday
meet with other kitefliers to bring the OSOW thought into the sky.


integrate the OSOW appeal
into a kitefestival


your own proclamation >
bring it to your own webpage. with your own words from the view of your region, even in your own language.
we'd also like to post it in our osoWWW textpool >

< you may formulate your own proclamation - share your view of the world with others on this planet!

you are free to use any language of your own choice.


sample pictures from OSOW worldwide - from practising each day.
"osow-day" is only once a year, but REALITY is alltime!


"one sky one world" - ONE DAY ?

Only one day?
Some pro+contra from annual practice:

- "share the wind" - its the idea.

- with 2004 "one.sky day" it was rhamadan with islamic communities - not the best date for flying kites.

- cambodia: traditions: "khmers will never fly a kite before the water festival (in november). that would be bad luck. also, kites must not be flown after february."


"one.sky" is about using "
kite as a symbol"
for transcultural dialogue and peace.education.
its more about the IDEA OF A KITE than about
specific technical details.
try to
show a view of your culture, human relation etc,
a little more but "just a kite".


general warning. promoting the "ONE SKY" idea, please
try to be modest. the idea is to find cooperation
for a "better future" and not self expression.
sometimes the idea was found a little deviated
to "one sky, my world" ...
(henry, nov 2002)

pls avoid "commercials" as far as possible. thx.


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