kitefestival lou-mea-beach,
landArt tour + project waterline
land+sky cruise 2005 yeliou landArt
report + album 2004
- kitefest, flugrost, landskyping
in 2003 "los tros eventos" - a virtual cooperation
of three simultaneous events in NL - TW - USA.
Kitefestival 2002 photo-report  
Kitefestival 2001 photos + report
  - gallery taiwan windArt . wind. kite.
taiwan photo gallery - subvision / planet
land, people, culture..


Taiwan+EastAsia Kite Links

- TAIWAN Kitefestival (subvision)

  TWKA taiwan kitefliers association - Taiwan Kitefestival (-ch-)
taiwan-japan kitelinks by team niji +axel 
  Team Envy + Chiu Bell Kiteweb -
    8+ kites by albert chen

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  characteristics of chinese kites
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  yes, and this site, subvision.net/sky
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    taiwan school KITE project webpage + doc


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