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Today at 9:00 am for OSOW, Cambodian kitefliers gather in front of the National Assembly building to fly Khleng Ek for peace.
Best greetings,
Sim Sarak and Cheang Yarin - Co-authors of Khmer kites



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Team Niji

Hiroyasu Kawasaki


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Thank you for a letter after a long absence.
However, the face of the person who did a good thing is wonderful. It is not readily readily that it is possible to be useful for a person, but feeling of satisfaction after having been able to do it is that resembling it can compare nothing.
Respect you some other time; is up to it.
Heat of the summer was left, but an autumn sign came to be felt in the daytime in morning and evening. I participated in an event of One Sky One World today by the second Sunday of October. I fried thread Kite of five small reams. It was five reams of (21 centimeters in height, 15 centimeters in width) although being small.
If it becomes almost winter, I come to hear the high crying of the bird called the shrike near.
LIttleton will be to become cold.
Tateki Tanimoto


Dear OSOW-san
I fly kite aerial photogaphy in Tonegawa(rivers riparian land) .
october 14, 2007
Japan Kite Aerial Photogaphy Association
(President) Katsutaka Murooka




 Japanese tent at taipei kitefestival with OSOW


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festival press conference

taiwan oneSky contribution with taipei county kitefestival by 21oct2007:

shimen fire fighters
malaysia france










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