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thai chula-pakpao fighting kite competition

the competition field is divided in two parts,
for the pakpao and the chula teams.

as soon as the kites have caught each other,
its all about in which part of the field they will touch down.

the winner is the team that manages to ground the kites
in their part of the field.

a chula team waiting for challenge

chula team pulling in.
in the foreground you see the "line pullers" -
they pull the line in by running in a circle.
far right in the background a second team, which pulls with a block.
the man at the block takes care of the sensibility of the pulling, which at least is almost pure power.

left, a tool for measuring the angle of the flying line

right, two chulas and two pakpaos,
waiting for fight.

the tail of the pakpao is only for stabilisation in flight.

the pakpao's "weapon" is a sling in the line,
about 5m length.

the "weapon" of a chula: several bamboo hooks are attached to the flying-line, so that chula can grap the pakpao.
the chula and pakpao fields are divided by a safety line, which is at a height of ~ 3,5 meter.
so kites cannot be pulled too close to the ground to avoid hurting people.
chula pullers, in front leader with block.
left, a pakpao base camp

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Bangkok Sanam-Luang
March 2003

all photos ©t.jekell


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