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"14 oct 2007"

un ciel un monde himmel ohne grenzen
um céu um mundo één hemel één wereld
one sky one world   un cielo un mondo
ranginui rapatuanuku un cielo un mundo  


Enjoy the days and share your Fun !


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Tateki Tanimoto




Dear Tom,
Thank you for the OSOW information.
I am flying OSOW small dia kite got from you 22 years ago on every OSOW day.
Best Wishes Eiji Ohashi

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We send you a picture for OSOW to join from Aomori JAPAN Regards, Team NIJI , Toshinori YAMADA >

more > photoPAGE 1



Are you fine? The picture of OSOW in Japan Hokkaido is sent.
< Team Axel+ Take Mastuda - web -


For peace in the world,
from Osaka Japan >
Hiroyasu Kawasaki



Dear OSOWsan
Katsutaka Murooka
Japan Kite Aerial Photography association (President)




OSOW contact > see web koreakite -
+ osow korea mirror page -

< live from taipei kitefestival

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Indonesian delegation at taipei kitefestival greets all world !


Greetings from Singapore!

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ONE.SKY celebration with Taipei festival
held on Oct 20-22 Taipei county,
Lou-Mea kite park
reports taiwan kitefest -

timezone +7   SSR West-Indonesia West-Malaysia Cambodia Vietnam Hanoi Thailand Lao

Today at 9:00 am for OSOW, Cambodian kitefliers gather in front of the National Assembly building to fly Khleng Ek for peace.
Phnom Penh .

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Malaysian delegation at taipei kitefestival greets all world !

OSOW 2007
Keep Our World Peace & Clean
Chamras Denudom, President
Pattani Kite flying Club
Associated : Thailand Kiteflyer Association

- TKA osow page -

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We had an unique programme in a small town called Moodbidri near Mangalore. We held a kite workshop for 60 students and later all of them flew kites commemorating the theme One sky,One earth,One family.
regards, sarvesh - for Team Mangalore, INDIA.

Jodhpur - asghar belim

timezone +4   Azerbijan SSR-Volgograd Afghanistan-Kabul UAE Oman Seychelles Mauritius

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07 oct 2007 - city of Ganaveh:
kites celebrate the World Children's Day -
(from pressTV iran news)

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timezone +2   Finland Ukraine Lithuania Greece Turkey Egypt Zimbabwe Namibia South-Africa Pretoria



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Thanks for the reminder of OSOW day! (I had forgotten)
Yesterday we flew kites for peace at Dolphin Beach on the shore of Table Bay.
It is wonderful to spread the word about flying for peace - and it's nice to see people enjoying the show too!
Many thanks to Ashley Ware-Lane for sharing his kites with us and many thanks to all the parents who brought their children to enjoy the kites on a cool and cloudy Cape Town morning.
Peace, brothers!
Best wishes Brian and Beryl Skinner Capetown
We had rainy days. Fortunately last weekend we could fly our kite for OSOW.
You can find the pictures here and there.
It was also our National Holiday so you can see Turkish Flags
and the Rok kite of Ataturk who is founder of the Turkish Republic.
Good wind and peacefull sky, Seagull Kite Club, Turkey


timezone +1   Sweden Norway France Germany Netherlands Austria Spain Italy Poland Morocco Libia Cameroun Angola


merci pour le mesage
amicalement zamir mati


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OSOW in der Nähe von Vienna/Austria - link -
Liebe Grüße senden Gerhard & Daniela

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OSOW fing für uns bereits am Freitag an. Eva war die letzten drei Wochen damit beschäftigt durch Kindergärten in Kopenhagen zu tingeln und Sled Drachen zu bauen. 186 Stück sind auf diese Art und Weise entstanden.
Der grosse Flugtag war dann am vergangenen Freitag, 140 Selds in der Luft. Bilder hier.
OSOW Sonntag haben wir im Osten von
Kopenhagen "gefeiert". 36 Drachen in der Luft, Bilder hier.
Gruss Ralf


VITORIA-GASTEIZ - ALAVA - webinfo - zeru bat, mundu bat -
Agrupación de Cometistas de Álava Lau Haizetara -
internationale Drachen werden für den Weltfrieden fliegen.

Here you are some pictures of OSOW celebration in Vitoria, Spain. About 10.000 people in the festival. You can see more photos on our web site . Best regards. Lau Haizetara. - -


france team lungta
greets from taiwan kitefest >

< Les 13 et 14 octobre, sur le Plateau de Gergovie,
a eu lieu la 13ème édition de CERVOLIX
dans le cadre de ONE SKY ONE WOLRD.


AACHEN - One.Sky drachensyndikat.SKYparty
+ SKY-CHECK sunday
(flying admins)
fly out near DUSSELDORF

more > oneSky ALBUM

Hi, we fly the kite for a peaceful world,
although we don't have wind.
We're from Erdmannshain, near Leipzig in Saxony, Germany
and greet all the kiters all over the world.
< Wuppertal OSOW Truppenübungsplatz "Scharpenacken"

wir waren dabei One Sky - One World,
beim Drachenfest
Bebra-Iba 2007 >
Liebe Grüsse, Bernhard

Bochum. Drachenfeuerwerk.
Mit einem zauberhaft-kunstvollen Feuerwerk vor der Jahrhunderthalle erlebte die RuhrTriennale am Sonntag einen wuerdigen Abschluss.
lieben Gruß Uwe & Ulla.

21. OSOW Drachenfest in Berlin
Britzer Garten -


- thema OSOW im -


- OSOW web gallery -

Újból itt a nagy alkalom, hogy minden magyar sárkányos összegyu"ljön, és közösen megünnepelje a One Sky One World rendezvényt.
A 3S újból nagyszeru" programot hozott össze:!

Egy Ég Egy Világ !
< Budapest (Mátyásföldi repülotér) 2007. 10.14.
OSOW 2007 web gallery -

I was flying with my "Bambu Kite", too..
Ciao !!!!
Alejandro Guzetti

OSOW in Savona, Italy >

  Anche a Foligno si svolge il 19° festival internazionale ONE SKY ONE WORLD, volera in segno di pace l'aquilone della pace di 300 m ², pitturato dai bambini delle scuole di Foligno e Castiglione del Lago, voleranno anche molte centinaia di aquiloni, inmezzo ad un pubblico di circa 10.000 persone.
allego la foto del volantino e dell'aquilone della pace.
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< Best greetings and wishes for all soulmates in the sky!
Yvonne Oerlemans, Amsterdam

We had no wind here in Amsterdam but
shared the moment on sunday 14th with OSOW. This is our 8th year! >
Keep up the good work of getting the website together it looks great.
Best wishes. Christopher Leather.

"Polska w OSOW"
    - -
drachenfest aarau, osow day! - aarauer drachenfreunde -
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Osow - Västerås and rain. (Västerås 120 km west of Stockholm)
< Keep it UP! Andreas

Today I flew my kites in the same sky as all of my kite friends around the world. I wish everyone a peaceful and joyful world. Friendly regards, Johan Hallin >

timezone 0   Iceland England London Ireland Portugal Mauritania Mali Ghana

< early birds - Greetings from Bristol UK and One Sky One World to everyone. Nick James.

----more: photopage.2 --- - -

Dunnottar Castle in Scotland >

our fly at Dunstable Downs,
Bedfordshire, England UK today
Pat, Gee, Gary, and young Daniel Hoath, Helen, Stewart, Stephen, Bob and Brian.

It was a glorious autumn afternoon and a good crowd watched as 12
members of WHKF tried very hard in zero wind conditions and
managed to fly 46 kites.


see jim's web -

I attended the onesky day at Sunderland and thought you might be interested in a few images i took.
Regards Mark Bradshaw

< hello form England!!! are some pictures for the one Sky One world album from a workshop I did today with some families at Scotland Gate in Northumberland for one sky one world. - love, Frances >



Peniche - kitesurf cup for OSOW !


No dia 14 de Outubro vai ser realizada na praia do Cerro em Peniche a celebração portuguesa do evento OSOW (One Sky One World), Um Céu Um Mundo, relativo a 2007. Neste dia, voar-se-á em todo o mundo papagaios com o intuito de sensibilizar a população mundial para valores tão nobres como a Paz, Cultura, Partilha, Tolerância e a Compreensão.

In Portugal this year we have celebrated the osow in beach of Peniche. It was great sucess! We have stablish connection with a scout group and collected about 600kg of food that was donated at an social care instituition.
Check our photos in this gallery . Feel free to check our osow 2007 expokite web .-. With my best regards,
Nuno Vareda, Admistrator of


timezone -1   Azores Canary-Islands Reykjavik Iceland
timezone -2   - Middle-Atlantic - Cape-Verde-Islands
timezone -3   East-Brazil Brasilia Argentina Buenos-Aires Surinam Greenland


BATOCO - OSOW news 2007 -
Buenos Aires - As always, Batoco will fly.
A new sport kite team of 4 teenagers will be flying too. This will be their first OSOW:
Team TENSION (Ages from 13 to 17, the leader is a girl 17 y.o)
- barrileteada mundial - paz + tolerancia + cultura + entendimiento -

- -


Mar del Plata - Bajamar Team - Roberto Vañecek -
the rugby world championship game took the attention of the people in my city, so the park wich is usually crowded with people every sunday today seemed to be a desert, even lesser people than in usual midle week days...
... but our hearts were with the kitefly for the peace.


- Rio de Janeiro - Antonio Augusto
ventodepipa brazil

- -

II OSOW Brasília 2007
AKCB.areventos kite clube de Brasília - Mário De Carvalho

timezone -4   Canada Quebec Montreal Venezuela Bolivia Chile Guyana West-Brasil AST Atlantic Standard

OSOW Varennes Quebec 2007 -
oct 12 - 14 !
we are in and ready with a very large crowd of people.
Photos will come - Michel Gagnon

We had fabulous week-end. Picture will follow.
michel gagnon
- -
BOLIVIA el 14 de octubre 2007 en Yacuiba (frontera con Argentina) por la primera vez en Bolivia el 22nd Annual One Sky One World Kite Fly - Nos està apoyando la Associazione Gruppo Aquilonisti Bresciano de Botticino (Brescia) ITALIA. - Un abrazo, Dr. Arturo Mottola Russo
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timezone -5   Canada Toronto East-USA NewYork Cuba Bahamas Colombia Peru Easter-Island EST Eastern Standard

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- Bogota -
this day its very important for kite clubs in Bogota.
TSAPHON KITE CLUB Colombia. this is a one pictures for this day... In
Bogota very raining day...

Bogota - club de cometas colombiankites will celebrate OSOW -
We meet a group of friends and we fly these kites in the Park the Tunal of Bogotá... Wind half a lot, something of cold and in the afternoon a strong rain. we only fly these to unite to the flight world for the peace! - Oscar

These are the pictures form our local flignt with a tipical Colombian kite bearing the OSOW logo, hope you can post them. Ours is a smal young club with lots of energy, lots of exirience and lots or desire to participate in events to help us promote the joy of flying kites, taking the youth out of drugs and delicuency. G. SERRANO


Friends, old and new, gathered at Bug Light Park in South Portland
Maine, USA and flew kites over the light house and harbor.
Tony Heeschen - Noreasters Kite Club -

- -

New Holstein WI - This peace event is held every October at the Kiwanis Park, Hickory Lane, in New Holstein. The purpose of the One Sky-One World Fly for Peace is to promote global harmony by flying many kites simultaneously at many locations throughout the world. Bring your kite or just enjoy the show! - -
Dear Jane, Thank-you for sending us the "One Sky One World" kites that were the replica of the one that flew around the world on a NASA shuttle. It was a glorious day and Aditi was really happy and honored to share her 12th birthday with "World Fly a Kite for Peace Day" I had the song "Imagine" by John Lennon playing in the background and the kids enjoyed "flying kites for peace".... most had never heard of OSOW, or flown a kite or even heard of John Lennon before!
Here are some pictures from the OSOW event we had in New York yesterday!
We would love to see it on the web-site!!!! Thanks, Tania

timezone -6   Canada Saskatchewan USA Chicago Dallas Mexico Mexico-City Galapagos CST Central Standard

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One Sky One World Joint Missouri Fly
Bethel Park -
Columbia, MO, USA
- story in missourian newspaper

One Sky One World Kite Fly
Commons Park -
Fridley, MN
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timezone -7   canada calgary central-usa arizona denver - MST Mountain Standard

- home of OSOW - see web - Denver Colorado -

2007 Denver - One World Kite Festival at Sloan’s Lake -

2007 - Denver Public Library - One Sky One World Kite Exhibit -
the spectacular, oversized kites of George Peters and Melanie Walker.-

timezone -8   West-Canada Vancouver West-USA Seattle LosAngeles Mexico Tijuana - PST Pacific Standard
CANADA west OSOW, October 14, 2007 at Parksville on Vancouver Island, British Columbia Canada.
Winds light and variable, but there were several hours in the afternoon that were good.
Skies were overcast, with some clearing in the afternoon. No rain and mild temperatures.
Webpage with some more photos.
A good day of flying- wishing clear skies and smooth breezes to everyone! - -

The One Sky, One World event sponsored by the World Kite Museum in Long Beach, WA had a
wonderful day. This included 49 recorded human kite flyers and one dog! To honor a
gentleman, Bill Goble, who has participated for 18 years, many folks flew bright colored
cellular kites made by Goble. Kay Buesing

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