National Kite Museum
Phnom Penh - Cambodia

Some text from Sim Sarak's book "Khmer kItes", Phnom Penh, 1999)

The kingdom of Cambodia is rich in cultural heritages that our ancestors created and left for their later generations..

The tradition of kiteflying was set for entertainment as well as for the image of beliefs. In history, kiteflying ceremony is one of the royal "ceremonies of the twelve months".

Unfortunately, Cambodia was in bitter war for over two decades. The war killed millions of lives and destroyed cultural property. The tradition of kiteflying was not either functioning during those days.

The first kite events after the war were held in Phnom Penh on 31 Dec 1994 and 25 Dec 1996.

The festivals had great support from Cambodian people in cities as well as provinces.


left side: this KHLENG EK kite is an original made 1949 - skin is silk.

Mr. Dek Sarin,
Director of Cultural Development, Ministry of Fine Arts,
who led us through the National Kite Exposition Hall.

Some western kiters may know him from Dieppe Kitefest '94.

The most known traditional khmer kite ist the

"Khleng Ek" or "Khleng Pnorng"

Khleng = Kite
Ek = musical instrument (the sounding bow)


Khmer kites have existed since pre-historic era more than 2000 years ago.

A Khleng-Ek kite, backside:

The body is made from paper, bamboo, glue and tension lines.

"pocket kite" or "kandaung kite"

almost flown by children.
these kites have no tail and are used as fighterkites.


The Khmer have their main kite events from november until january. it is the season of best winds.

Literature about Khmer Kites:

Sim Sarak's "Khmer kItes"
Phnom Penh, 1999

Khmer Kitebook 2002

Eveline Porée-Maspero,
"Étude sur les Rites Agraires des Cambodgiens"

Mouton&Co., Paris, La Haye, 1964; Tome II, pp.479-569

Link : Khmer Music-Kites
Aeolian Instruments


Drachenjournal #15
Khmer Kite Museum report 2004

contact and more information:

cambodia ministry of fine arts and culture.
mr. sim sarak email


Flying over a miniature model of "Angkhor" in the garden of the "National Fine Arts Assembly Hall".
The kite assembling hall is not yet open to public.
( 2002)


more information
Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts

website khmer culture


..another MODEL of angkhor-wat
in BANGKOK, thailand, king's palace.

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