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ASIA general
- [Asia kite Festival Dates by wing lee - dead link apr2003.]
East+South word for "kite"
kite history? culture? festivals?
kite cultural webs & links
Bangladesch BD
pop.: 112 M
language: bengali
- BKF Bangladesh Kite Federation
Bhutan Bootan BTN
pop.: 1,5 m
language: dsongha
Brunei BRU
pop. 0,3 m
language: malaii
kite activity yes.
brunei fighterkite
Cambodia Kampuchea KH
pop. 9 M
language: khmer


kite activity yes. traditional

sub-page cambodia

Phnom Penh Kite Museum
osow kitefly phnom penh 2002
a SE-asia kite-tour - cambodia - in 2001
cambodia daily about phnomPenh kitefest dec.2000
khmer kite-book (sim sarak)
about khmer kleng ek music kite [ger-eng]
khmer kites photo-album

China Rep. Taiwan RC
pop. 21 M
language: chin.
fung zhang

- new! TWKA Taiwan Kitefliers Assn.
- taipei festival report, pictures, links.
indoor show by bell chiu and students -
Hiroyasu pages fromTaiwan.
tw kitelinks by chen hung.
taipei 2001 by team niji japan. many pics!
tangokites asia pilgrimage 2001
taiwan 2001 festival page by bart
AJSKA Hokkaido taipei 2001 pages 
taiwan 2000 festival pics by polly ching
taiwan 2000 festival by Ajay Prakash
nfak manjha visit to the 2000 festival +pictures!
characteristics of chinese kites
gov. page about taiwan festivals and kites
team envy indoor show !!! new shows, new kites, new videos.

China PR. VRC
1166 M
language: chin.

fung zhang | muyuan | zhiyuan | zhiyao | yaozi

chinavista web culture: china kite
tangokites asia pilgrimage 2001
guang xi kite performance 2000 -
page about li ruo xin -

Nov.2002: The Hong Kong Red Cross organized a kite design competition. The kites, decorated with anti-stigma messages, will be made into e-greeting cards on the HKRC website. (reuters)

A kite design competition was held by the Hong Kong Red Cross (HKRC) Red Cross Youth members. Fourteen groups, comprising more than 60 Junior and Youth Units members, participated in the competition. The participants made use of different materials to decorate their kites to bring out the messages of showing concern towards and fighting prejudice and stigma against people living with HIV/AIDS. The winning kites will be later transformed into e-greeting cards available at the HKRC homepage (

"The ongoing Inner Mongolian Games features a lot of quaint sports and kite flying is one of them. Most kites seen in the Inner Mongolian Games are made with a bamboo frame and a silk or paper covering. The complex shapes and designs are achieved by bending bamboo over a flame or soaking it in water."
India IND
pop. 883 M
language: hindi +eng.
kite, patang, sarungal

kite activity yes.

jodhpour desert kite - pics of martin skoog
Sun City Kite Club (est.1875 !) Jodhpur
about jodhpur desert kite festival
team mangalore kites
[fr] about manjha kites, lightly psychedelic... :-)
goa kite carnival 2003 report
desert kite jodhpur kitefest 1998
gujarat kitefestival - the problem festival ahmedabad

Indonesia RI
pop. 188 M
language: bahasa

layang-layang, janggaan, kliangan,
lanjangan, glanjang.
kite activity yes.

sub-page indonesia

kitefly indonesia - sari majid JP story
ancient kite cavepaintings sulawesi ?
bali kite ceremony photos
de vliegerende hollander ASIA kitelinks
" luftschiffe " (germ.) ship-shaped kites bali

East Timor
The National Society organised a kite flying event. The Red Cross worked with 36 secondary schools in the country, mainly in the larger districts. In one of these districts, Dili, volunteers prepared the kites and a boat race event.

red Cross Indonesia: All chapters and branches were encouraged to get involved with a national kite flying event. Winning kites were flown together on World AIDS day.

sumatra - fishing kites by eiji ohashi

Japan JP
pop. 124 M
language: jap.


kite activity yes.

wan-wan kite 1906

- Japan Kite Association JKA .
- kites by eiji ohashi (engl) - (jap)
Kite Museum Tokyo .
Kite Museum Saitama .
Japan Sportkite Assn. .
shirone giant kite battle .
tangokites asia pilgrimage 2001 .
hiroyasu jap kitepage
about hamamatsu kitefest (jap-german)
- Mikio Toki kitemaking

Red Cross Japan: Kites with the Red Ribbon and Federation logo were displayed from the 1 - 25 December 2002.

Korea DPR North
pop. 22 M
language: korean
yoen, pang pae
Korea Rep. South. DVRK
pop. 43 M
language: korean


kite activity yes.
The "Phoenix" by Skroe

korean kite site by skroe / koreakite
korea kite link
kitefestival Paju 2003 report.

Korea, Republic of. / Red Cross Dec.2002:
13 chapters of the Korean Red Cross participated in the Kite campaign and flew 1,500 - 2,000 kites on World AIDS Day.

Laos LAO
pop. 5 M
language: lao


kite tradition yes.

lao kite photo - ian loughray, gb
kids flying kites
Laos Red Cross, Dec.2002:
A kite flying event was organised.
Malaysia MAL
pop. 18 M
language: malaii

kite activity yes.

pasir gudang kitefestival (near singapore).
Pasir Gudang Kite Festival.
story: pasir gudang 2003, march.

kite museum pasir gudang .
kite museum malakka .
Kite Festival Melaka .
skyriders malaysia
penang kiteshop .

Malaysia red Cross:
The National Society organised a National kite campaign throughout its branches for December 1, 2002.

Maledives MV
pop. 0,2 m
language: divehi
kite activity yes.
kids flying kites
little story about kids kites
Myanmar Burmah MYA
pop. 44 M
language: birm.

kite tradition yes.

- story about myanmar kites
- another kite story

Red Cross: Kites bearing HIV/AIDS-related messages were a feature of events in Myanmar. (Reuters Dec.2002)
Myanmar Red Cross:
Kites were flown in 40 townships in Myanmar on World AIDS Day. Each kite tail contained a 'message' relating HIV/AIDS - these messages were part of a competition and winners were judged by a committee. In addition exhibition booths were set up promoting HIV/AIDS awareness at 11 locations including two highway bus stations.

Nepal NPL
pop. 20 M
language: nepali
changa, bhutumali.
kite activity yes, traditional.

- kitefly nepal by Nirmal Man Tuladhar page 2
- story 2005: Kite flying to ward off evil

Pakistan PK
pop. 120 M
language: punjabi +urdu +sindhi +paschtu
Tukkal, patang
author unknown?
kite activity yes, traditional.

- pakistan kites by jamie al-nasir
- report basant festival 2003
- story about basant "kite catchers" recycling...
- 2004...2006... kites banned by supreme court, because of "dangerous"... kids falling from roofes at basant kite festival... - ban versus education...?

Pilipinas RP
pop. 80 M
language: pilipino
saranggola, layang-layang, tabanog, burador
kite activity traditional.

- Kite Association of the Philippines KAP-web -
- Biyaheng Langit Kitefestival
- a story about kites

Singapore SGP
pop. 3 M
language: en. +

kite, layang
kite activity yes.

Singapor Kite Assn. SKA
kite site by polly + web2
singapore kite day 2001 .

march 2002 : death sentence for ganjha? international protest! amnesty link - act now!

Sri Lanka CL
pop. 17 M
language: singha +tamil
kite activity yes.
- colombo 2001 kitefestival -

asia SUBWEB pictures - sri lanka kite
see China-Rep.
Thailand THA
pop. 58 M
language: thai


Northern Thailand
sub-page thailand

- about traditional thai kites
- Thailand Kitefliers Association TKA
- Kite Festival 2002 Kitetour Bangkok 2001
- thai page about chula+pakpao kites
- photos kitefestival bangkok 2003
- a SE-asia kite-tour - thailand - in 2001

Vietnam VN
pop. 69 M
language: viet

kite activity yes.

HUE kite fest 2004 -
a SE-asia kite-tour - vietnam - in 2001
a trad. rabbit kite from vietnam
trad. buddhistic kite
Vietnam Rd Cross Dec.2002:
The Red Cross organised a kite flying event.

North+West   word for "kite"
kite history? culture? festivals?
kite cultural webs & links
Armenia ARM
pop.: 3,5 m
language: armen.
Azarbaycan AZ
pop.: 7 M
language: azarbay.
Bahrain BRN
pop.: 0,5 m
language: arab.
Georgia GE
pop. 5 M
language: georg.
Kasakstan KAZ
pop. 17 M
language: kasak.
Kirgyzstan KGZ
pop. 5 M
language: kirg.
Mongolia MNG
pop. 2,3 m
language: mongol.
Qatar Q
pop. 0,5 m
language: arab.
Russian Federation RUS
pop. 149 M
language: russ.
flying yeti kite from nepal over red square moscow. pic: Ramesh Shrestha
Tadjikistan TD
pop. 5 M
Turkmenistan TMN
pop. 4 M
Usbekistan UZB
pop. 21 M
language: usbek

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