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Muna Island, Southeast-Sulawesi
a story about prehistoric cavepaintings with a kite...

kaghati cerfe-volants visite dans les Pyrénées 2001

la fabrication d'un kaghati - chachapoya france web


Japan ~1935 ? : wan-wan giant round kite
largest bamboo

japan ~1850 : kitepainting
paper /


Kites. Filipino children make their own kites during kite season, January to March. Little boys fly a boca-boca, a small square piece of paper on a short string. Older boys try the chapi-chapi, the familiar diamond-shaped kite flown all over the world. Grown men fly the gurion, a huge kite with a strong bamboo frame. These can be fighting kites if the string is dipped in glue and ground glass. Opponents try to cut one another's strings as they fly the kites high in the air.

Sri Lanka




colombo kitefestival 2002

Taiwan : taiwan kitefestivals 2000-2005

Article in TaipeiTimes 4feb2001 about asian kites in general.



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Week of Japanese culture opens in Mekong delta city -
Can Tho (VNA) - A week of Japanese culture opened in the Mekong delta city of Can Tho on Tuesday under the aegis of cooperation between the Can Tho University and Japanese Consulate General in Ho Chi Minh City.
The event is being held to raise Vietnamese students'
understanding about the land and people of Japan and the relationship between the two countries.
exhibition of Japanese traditional kites, humming-tops and dolls, performances of a tea ceremony, displays of traditional food and films on Japan are included in the week.
During the week, exchanges between Vietnamese students and Japanese students, experts, and artists will be held.

( - 19oct2004 )

Kite flying festival to take place in Hue - [2004]
The second annual kite flying festival will take place in the imperial city of Hue from June 13-19 as part of the activities to herald the 2004 Hue Festival.
( - 07june2004 )

Kite Festival Hue "Vietnam wings" - Yard next to Quang Duc Gate, Thuan An Beach
13- 20 june 2004 -
Themed “Cultural heritage with integration and development”, the Hue Festival 2004..

Ms Hasan Sinawat, a visitor from Thailand, told VOV, "This is the first time I have come to Hue. I was amazed at the festive atmosphere prevailing all over streets in Hue, with a number of diverse outdoor cultural and art programs such as kite flying, human chess and water puppetry. Through this festival, I realised that the Vietnamese people are aware of preserving and developing the traditional cultural identities. Every year, like Vietnam, Thailand organises many festivals, and we respect national cultural heritages. Such festivals are a good chance for countries to promote their image to the world. I think the Hue festival 2004 was well organised."
Diverse cultural and art programs in Hue have left unforgettable memories on international friends. It was a lively festival with romantic scenery, distinctive architectural projects and royal music performances.

Hue kite flies high at international festival - 2004
A Dragon kite fashioned by Nguyen Van Co and Nguyen Van Hoang representing the Hue Cultural House Kid’s Club was awarded the Honorary Cup of the 13th International Kite Festival in France.
The prestigious Cup is traditionally only presented to a national kite association with the most beautiful kite at the Festival.The aeronautical performance of the Hue kite received a massive response from the audience during the eight-day festival. The Organising Board remarked on the aesthetic design of the kite as well as the unique construction techniques of the Vietnamese artisans.The 13th International Kite Festival took place on the
Dieppe beach in France with the participation of more than 30 well-known kite clubs and associations.
(Source: Thanh Nien - 30sep2004)

Hue kite awarded honorary cup at international festival -
The Dragon kite of Nguyen Van Co and Nguyen Van Hoang from the Kid Club of the Hue Cultural House has been awarded the Honorary Cup of the 13th International Kite Festival held in France.
( - 28sep2004 )

Dragon kite. [dieu]
Kites to take wing during Festival Hue - 2004
VietNamNet - The second Flying Wings kite festival, will flutter in the breezes from June 13-19 as part of the Hue Festival.
The festival will draw kite clubs from Hue City, Ninh Thuan Province, HCM City, Hoi An and Do Son, as well as flyers from France, Malaysia, Singapore, the Republic of Korea, and Cambodia.
The festival will be held at Ngo Mon Square and on Thuan An Beach, including kite flying performances, displays of traditional kites, and workshops on making kites.
The first kite flying festival was held in Hue last September, drawing participation of flyers from nine provinces and cities, and from Cambodia.

(Source: - 09jun2004 )


A Hue kite artisian prepares to fly at the festival.

Kites fly sky high over Hue - 2003
Over 200 brightly-coloured kites flew over Ngo Mon (Noon Gate) last Friday, marking the opening of Vietnam's First National Kite Festival in the ancient capital city.
Taking part in the two-day festival were 60 artisans from cities and provinces around the country well-known for kite making tradition including HCM City, Hue and Hoi An, and the provinces of Hai Duong, Ha Tay and Ninh Thuan.
Four kite makers from Cambodia brought 26 bamboo kites to join the Vietnamese string kites shaped like birds, butterflies, shrimp and dragons.
The festival was planned as one of several cultural activities for Hue to commemorate the National Day.
"Like in Vietnam, kite festivals are held in Cambodia reflecting people's hopes for happiness and bumper harvests," Klay Ay, deputy director of Cambodia's Cultural Development Department who headed his country's kite artisans group, said.
Spectators witnessed fancy manoeuvres, kite stunts, kites playing music with the wind, and even learnt how to make the flying beauties.
Since 1994, kite-flying has become a tradition in the city and members of the Hue Kite Club have participated in festivals in Japan, Thailand and France.

(Source: Viet Nam News - 03sep2003 )


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