Nha Trang


Nha Trang - Big town, much movement. But much quieter than you expect!
Here you find 'normal' prices for cyclo (2....4km pay d5000 in 1998).
Nice town-beach for good relax, sunburns or swimming. Shadow by rented sunshade or hundreds of large palmtrees between beach and street. Go for Banana Split Cafe - best icecream, milkshakes and breakfast you find in VN! There you also can book notorious "Mama Hanh Boat Trip", but be careful: if you have weak heart, liver or are nonsmoker etc, take any other oppurtunity! We survived that trip and say: we love mama! yes.
Eating: find good restos in the north end, check the small streets.
Night Life: Better you go sleep. Most bars got contaminated by "taxi girls" and "sexy boys" (zippo bar - nevertheless good poolbilliard, but expensive beer). Meet foreigners at sailorsclub, its cool there, but boring - cause it's too cool.

Nha Trang - oops : 2001
had been back to nhatrang 3 years later. could not recognise anything.
the town is now overcrowded, lound, dirty, big traffics.
forget what was said about quietness and relax.
and, mama hanh was off her business again - being at home
under police arrest. her boats are still running, but without her its
just the samesame-not-different from the other tourist boats.
of course and nevertheless, we met friendly people everywhere again,
but we left the town on the morning heading back to the mountains:


mum hanh after action




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