One sky. One world. One day: 12 oct 2003
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< It is 11 am in Tasmania and a fabulous spring day but...are we outnumbered?
Robert B-


malcolm dick, OSOW fly in Devonport yesterday

dot Priestley - devonport - tasmania

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hokkaido - kushiro

Katsutaka Murooka

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khmer kite OSOW 2002 webpage

phnom penh OSOW kitefly for worldpeace sat oct 11, 2003

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"One Sky One World" has been translated to Hebrew and Arabic. The slogans will be shown on banners and flags during the event. I really hope will have good wind and spirit on this day.
Hanan Cohen, ***Love and Peace***

Shalom, Kafer Meiser is an Arab Village. Kibbutz Metzer is a Jewish Kibbutz. They are 5 minutes walk from each other. Meiser and Metzer are good neighbors for many years. Metzer and Meiser have a "Neighbors Committee" that is organizing mutual activities to keep and strengthen their good neighborhood in those troubled times. This year, on OSOW day, Metzer and Meiser people will fly kites in a nearby field. They are also inviting people from nearby Jewish and Arab towns and villages. Flying kites, together with people all around the world on the same day, will symbolize the wish for peace and good neighborhood all around the world.

About 200 children and parents attended the event. For me, the success was due to the simplicity of gathering the people in one place and time and allowing them to have fun together. Everybody were happy when their kite was up in the air, regardless of culture, costume or language. Because the event was such fun, it was assumed that a tradition has begun and we will all meet next year, on the same day and on the same field.
Hanan Cohen - ***Love and Peace***
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- oct 25: NEW photo album "workshop of kids form Metzer and Meiser"

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Ural, near Yekaterinburg

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singapore contribution at luenen kitefest, germany, by gadis [18oct]

singapore osow [12 oct] live >



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One sky. One world. One day: 12 oct 2003