One sky. One world. One day: 12 oct 2003
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Selected images again from Lyme Park,Cheshire, England.

/ Evelyn and Tony Ridgway

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osow flyOUT INden // DUS, CGN, AC, Maastricht, Liege..
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Bild von Ulli Winkler /Tagespiegel. One Sky One World Drachenfestival in Berlin im Britzer Garten. Andreas Lammert läßt gerade einen Facetten Stern starten. Er träge ein Sweat Shirt mit dem Aufdruck "One Sky One World" auf chinesisch. - gruss, michael steltzer.

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Herewith my contribution to OSOW. - Rx. - ommen -



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< chris leather 2:
I am sending you pictures of OSOW which I shared with my son. He had never flown a kite before and this was a magical moment for the planet and also our togetherness. We flew a rainbow kite representing all the flags of the world and even managed to fly it when the tail fell off.
Realising that our kite would fly in all conditions we left the kite up all day and all night so as to connect literally with the rest of the planet during all different time zones. Also flying was an incredibly large kite surfing kite.
Location of kite flying, Old Costessy Norfolk, England.

chris leather 1:
Yes I tried to organise some kite flying with children in Iraq for OSOW but no help came forward. This was to celebrate OSOW and also that the schools in IRAQ all started back a week ago with renovated schools and new books. I tried UNICEF and various other leads and got very despondent with no help or advice how to make this happen. Maybe food, water, electricity and SAFETY are more important at the moment. I will try again next year, hopefully they will manage to get back to some sort of normality. The children are the future there!!!!! and flying a kite representing peace and freedom would be wonderful as per the pictures of children flying kites in liberated Kabul two days after it happened.

  chris leather 3:
Tomas as you know this was an idea we tried to get off the ground before Iraq war and failed (leaving the kite to fly all day and night and truly connecting with the rest of the world)
I will be going to Russia next week and will be flying a kite in Siberia, Novosibirsk. I know this is not 12th October but OSOW will very much be in my heart and mind. I will photograph it and hope you can include it on your site celebrating OSOW. Siberia is four times larger than Europe so it will be a wonderful symbol for OSOW. The snow has not arrived there yet but hopefully it will and I can kite fly in the snow.
Webmeistro keep up the good work and keep flying!!!!


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" The only war we can accept! "

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- photos by pauline taylor, england - GB - AT -


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One sky. One world. One day: 12 oct 2003